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Remove those pimples on your face

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Remove those pimples on your face

Between 80 to 90% of adolescents worldwide suffer or have ever suffered from acne problems. Even if it is well cured, this troublesome condition can remain and accompany some years until teens reach adulthood.

According to the experts’ suggestion, acne can persist until the age of 21 and in some cases, even more than the 25, as has been found in 12% of women.


If that's your case and you do not know what to do to have a completely clean skin and free of impurities, you should know that the bottom line is to check what foods are in your daily diet, if you consume high levels of saturated fats, fried and refined flour, it could be the cause.

Another reason of the origin of acne is due to a hormonal imbalance, where androgenic hormones stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands. If your acne is diagnosed for this reason, your doctor should tell you the treatment. Generally, patients take birth control pills to avoid it.


If you are a person with many concerns and stressed matters throughout the day, you may suffer from acne. The process is the same as the hormonal imbalance, as the androgenic glands are stimulated and pimples appear.

How to remove them

Although studies are not decisive, there are strong indications that point to a direct link between diet and acne, which is why your diet should be healthy as possible. Remove from your list products such as butter, sugars and refined flours, and increase your intake of foods like fruits, vegetables, and those with Vitamin D, E and Zinc.

Special soap

In addition to a healthy diet is important to keep your skin clean and hydrated, for that you must use acne soap. You must be very careful in choosing which one. There are many brands on the market that promise to remove your acne, but eventually only get worse and irritate your skin more.

What we suggest is to use acne soaps based on glycerol or sorbitol; these compounds are soft and will not abuse your skin leaving it with a sticky and dry sensation as others. They also avoid the emergence of bacteria in the affected area as they help to balance the skin's natural PH.

No makeup

When acne is deep in the skin, it is better not to use cosmetics, they will clog the pores of your skin and it cannot breathe, worsening the appearance of pimples.


Even if you feel that you are not thirsty, you should drink plenty of water throughout the day, minimally 8 glasses to cleanse your body of toxins and impurities that may produce acne and it hydrates your skin as well.

False things

There are some beliefs about treatments to eliminate and fight acne. One is: if you wash your face many times during the day, the acne will disappear.

As we have seen, the acne is not directly related to hygiene, it is with how we eat, what we eat, stress or hormonal imbalance.

The appropriate thing is to wash your face at least twice a day, especially at night before bed.

Burst pimples

Some people think that breaking or removing blackheads and pimples with nails or fingers solve your problem, without imagining that they aggravate the situation and expose the pimple to contract an infection or inflammation of the skin.

Natural Treatment

Although I always recommend that the primary treatment should dictate to you a specialist, there are some ways to help your skin heal acne naturally.

You can boil a pint of water with two tablespoons of thyme leaves, once you take it out of the fire, cover your head with a towel and go near the steam and stay there for five minutes. Vapors extract fat from the pores.


There are grains that appear normal to the eye, but which are cancerous (basal and squamous) and when squeezed, can be deadly. If you notice that the grain you have presented a strange appearance, with small red or blackish lesions, which may or may not have scales, it is best that you go to a dermatologist as soon as possible to make an evaluation.

Usually these injuries never hurt or itch so they can be confused with a pimple. Therefore, it is recommended not to touch them and especially with dirty hands.

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3 Reviews about Remove those pimples on your face
on 31/01/2015
Great article! I totally agree with the water portion of this article. This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I would give anyone who wants to get healthy, and/or lose weight. I think the majority of us do spend most of our days dehydrated, which leads me to believe if we all carried around water bottles, that would help a lot.
on 03/05/2014
following these tips can be sometimes a pain, for some girls who cannont avoid using makeup, but if you want to change the fact of having pimples, you need to do the things better
on 18/11/2012
It?s real important to take care of our skin to avoid pimples. I did have problems time ago, but my doctor recommended me some pills. Now I have a healthier skin, but because I have a good and healthy diet as well. I recommend to use moisturize cream to have a hydrated skin.

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