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Remove the fat rolls in hips

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Remove the fat rolls in hips

Hips, like makeup, clothing and hairstyles, are subject to fashion. During the past century hips were exuberant pride of every woman, whereas those that lacked such attractive substituted the "shortage" with special fillings. Later came the fashion for thin women, and having big hips was something that every woman should fight.

Fortunately, now the subject of the hips seems to take liberty, and these are well appreciated and admired both big and not so big hips. What is the condition? That they are well formed and, above all, free from those excesses of fat known as a fat rolls.

What causes the fat rolls?

So if you want to put your hips nice as much as possible for the vacation, you're at a very good time to begin an exercise routine and follow these tips. You must remember that this part of the hips from the bone of the pelvis, and this cannot be changed. So if the magic nature has given you wide hips or reduced, avoid exhausting work or want to make them smaller or wider. What we want is to make them nice and very strong and free rolls!

And the principal and most effective for this is to take into account:

  • Food should be very low in fat and refined sugars and their derivatives such as soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, sweets, etc. It must be very rich in fiber to avoid constipation and low in salt to eliminate water retention.
  • Exercise: with no exercise, you cannot help eliminate the fat in that area. Cycling, swimming, the pilates, the step, or climbing stairs are specific exercises to reduce the cartridge.
  • Massage: lymphatic drainage massage is excellent to remove cartridge.
  • Creams and Masks: reducing creams such as algae and the application of clays are excellent means to help reduce fat accumulation in this zone.

5 things you must do to eliminate fat rolls undoubtedly

  • Try about 10 or 15 days to a cleansing diet, so your intestines are clean and remove excess fat and toxins. We can start taking depurative foods like pineapple, lemon, plum, etc., in the morning and fasting. If you want to really take in the matter, Syrup diet is highly recommended for this purpose, as will help to eliminate toxins and fat fast, you'll see.
  • Work out at least 20 minutes a day. If you do not have time, up and down stairs, if slowly the first time you do. You can choose to walk or doing fixed bicycle.
  • Give circular massage with cold water from the ankles to the buttocks, you can do with a whole lemon, pass it by rotating your legs. This stimulates the circulation and can more easily remove the fat.
  • Definitely, forget for a while: soft drinks, cold cuts of meat animals, refined bakery and dairy.
  • Finally, check your state of mind, although sounds weird, anxiety and feelings of vulnerability or rejection may be generating a predisposition to accumulate fat.

Exercise for home

  • Scissors: Lie on your right side with your right hand stretched. Up and down the left leg about 10 times while stretching the foot. Do it slowly. Repeats with other side and raising your right leg. If you are beginner, do it once and gradually increasing.
  • Up and down: Stand with the spine straight, one leg stretched upward to the height of your waist. Fold the leg toward your chest about 10 times (if you're beginner do 5). Repeat with other leg
  • Dog 1: do doggy position (4 points), ahead of holding the elbows and knees holding behind, stuck to the floor. Now, while bending the knees, up and down your left leg to the left side, you should rise until it forms an angle of 90 degrees to your other leg. Repeat about 15 times and then do it with the other leg.
  • Dog 2: Repeat the previous exercise but with the leg.

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4 Reviews about Remove the fat rolls in hips
on 25/09/2014
Man, you hit the nail on the head regarding causes of this fat in the hips condition. So if sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of exercise, etc., are all CAUSES of extra fat...then what can you do to eliminate it? Do the opposite! So get out there, exercise, change your life, and change your diet!! That is the ONLY thing that can make this change happen. Now is the time!!
on 04/05/2014
My gf wants to lose some weight around her waist and hips, this could be of great help for her!

thanks for sharing this, she will be glad for sure!

on 13/04/2014
lack of exercise..... that is the truly and unique problem, becvause even though you eat a lot, if you do exercise then you are consuming that accumulated fat, but if you do nothing then you are just storing all the calories you have consumed your entire life.... that can be a very big problem if you do not do anything right now!!! like me.... I am following a routine of exercise that is helping me a lot!
on 04/08/2013
Almost all women deal with this problem and this can affect you very much if you feel down when showing your hips to anybody, so the first thing we should do is reconsider our life style and change small patterns to avoid getting too much fat in especially our hips, then training can help us a lot but it is not really obligatory

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