Relief lumbago pain with natural remedies Lindern Sie Hexenschuss mit natürlichen Heilmitteln Alivia tu dolor de lumbago con remedios naturales

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Relief lumbago pain with natural remedies

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Relief lumbago pain with natural remedies

Sharp spasms, muscle stiffness and tension are symptoms of low back pain or lumbago. People who spend all day standing, executives confined to a chair behind a desk for long hours and workers who lift and carry supplies are special candidates to suffer lumbago. Carrying a heavy portfolio or using heels increase the likelihood of suffering it.

Your lumbo-sacral joints tighten easily when you apply excessive effort of any kind to the column. Poor posture, incorrect positions to sleep or sit and excessive fatigue are the most common causes.

The vertical position undergoes a constant pressure in the round spongy discs that absorb the shock between the stacked portions of the spine, especially in the lower back. A poor posture and incorrect application of the muscles that support the spine can also contribute to lower back problems.

Natural Remedies to treat lumbago:

Rub the back

Never underestimate what a massage can do. Some essential oils, like lavender, can help alleviate these pains, be sure to gently rub the top of the shoulders and up and down the back. Find tense areas that need more attention, and massage around these points, press them gently, so it be easier to low the tension and stiffness in the lower back.

Fast relief

Lie on your side and pull your knees up to the chest. Rest for 15 minutes, or bend the head backwards to reverse the forward curve. When standing, focus on doing it straight to prevent bowing column. Squeeze hips to straighten the lower back. When you feel pain, rest.


Wrap a hot water bottle (not boiling) in a wool wet with hot water. Cover the back and the plastic bottle to keep it warm. Leave this in the area of pain until heat goes away. Reapply 4 times daily. This application stimulates circulation and helps eliminate waste and fluid accumulation in the tissues.

Try to avoid the cooling of a muscle by direct exposure to drafts of a fan or air conditioner especially if you are sweating.

During bedtime

The proper way to sleep is on your back, with the head and knees slightly raised, and resting comfortably. Do not sleep face down as you will cause the spine to curve down the middle.


The key to avoid the pain is to strengthen the back muscles. To do this, you can practice some exercises such as yoga or swimming, which not only improve the state of our back, but prevent future injury and can improve posture.

Adopt the correct posture

If your back pain is due to poor posture and incorrect body mechanics, you might want to follow these recommendations:

When standing and walking, straighten the bow (lordosis) of the short side of your back (lumbar spine). Bend your knees slightly, contract your gluteus and tighten the stomach wall slightly. Do not hold your breath while you do the following activities:

First, stand with your back against a wall, and try to touch the wall with the short end of your back while you contract your buttocks and stomach. Hold this position as you move away from the wall walking.

If you have a protruding stomach, or are pregnant, you may have to bend your knees a little more.

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2 Reviews about Relief lumbago pain with natural remedies
on 21/01/2015
I'm 28 years old, and for the first time in my life, I experienced lumbago pain just last week. I think a lot it had to do with the workouts I was doing - I just started doing a very intense set of abs routines every day, with very little experieince in abs. I suspect that the pain was actually muscular, because within a few days it went away.
on 18/02/2013
Many people have lumbar problems even if they don?t know, like me. I felt a pain in my back but I didn?t care about that and now I have major complications and pain, maybe if I would take of this sooner I wouldn?t be suffering from this awful pain. So I really recommend check a doctor if you see something wrong in your back!

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