Relaxation Therapies: the difference between living and surviving Entspannungstherapien: der Unterschied zwischen Leben und Überleben Terapias de Relajación: la diferencia entre vivir y sobrevivir

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Relaxation Therapies: the difference between living and surviving

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Relaxation Therapies: the difference between living and surviving

Since we are babies, we are exposed to many circumstances and experiences that cause stress, anxiety and feelings of despair and anger. Indeed, these emotions are neither good nor bad, they are only reactions we have when certain circumstances occur and we try to adapt most favorably. However, when we feel stress or anxiety, the body generates much resistance, the muscles tighten, breathing becomes ragged, the heart pumps faster and the nervous system becomes irritated and suffers wear. In addition, the body's vital energy cannot circulate properly, causing pooling in certain areas of the body and can later cause all sorts of conditions.

Today stress has become a common part of everyday life, we have learned to live with it, the symptoms are obvious: we are in a hurry during the day, we feel irritable or hopeless, we have a head full of vague ideas and thoughts that lead us nowhere, we force the mind to answer without stopping, the daily routine is mechanical and demanding, we fear not having this and that, there is a constant tension that makes you do not wanting to lose what you want and you have for the future, what might come. There are many circumstances that can cause stress, and when we are unaware of what causes stress and give you a solution that leads to calm, then we run into evasive attitude, trying to suppress that kind of inner tension with superficial pleasures currently varnished with artificial calm, but that ultimately only create more loneliness, stress and anxiety, which does not allow us to enjoy life more fully and satisfactory but we are moving away from it, we become survivors, we are not really living and enjoying.

Knowing what causes us stress, anxiety or feelings of anger and despair is not really very difficult. The first thing to do is start by discharging the body all that energy contained that allows us to concentrate on what we feel. For this, nothing like relaxation therapies, which are excellent alternatives for the body regain its natural state of joy, and we can then give us time to reflect on those situations that cause us conflict, and find perhaps a new ways of resolving them.

Here are some relaxation therapies, the more effective, do not forget to perform some of them often, you'll see how your life improves every way.

Bioenergetic Therapy

Bioenergetic therapy is a very effective way to release tension accumulated long ago. With this therapy you discharge not only emotionally, but you can start looking at things from a new perspective, since the body is an extension of the mind. If healthy body, healthy mind. The massage therapy is to unlock, pressing certain points on the meridians of the body where tension has accumulated.


This ancient practice is one of the favorites to help put the body and mind in a state of deep peace and receptivity. You can either learn yoga with a book, video, or with an instructor. The results are really satisfactory.


Exercise is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable activities to release tension. For exercise to be truly a time of emotional feedback, you could supplement it shows things you like or creative ways to live your life.


The Tai Chi is an exercise that requires intense concentration for seamless movement, coordinated and harmonious. It is an art that will help you release tension and help you develop a focused and creative thinking.


There are now many techniques for relaxing massages. Swedish massage, Thai, stones, etc.. are very effective alternatives for your body to rest from the corrosive effects of stress.

Music Therapy

The thought is a powerful tool to create moods. Music therapy is an alternative which, through music, helps connect you with pleasant thoughts and emotions that will help your mind and creates feedback states of tranquility, security and fulfillment. It is a therapy that gives amazing results, especially when combined with guided visualization.

Guided visualization

Via images, voices, music and even aromatherapy to help you feedback your mind with thoughts of peace, abundance, love and fulfillment. It is a delicious way to get in touch with what makes your heart feel excited.

Any of these therapies can help cure diseases, prevent insomnia, moodiness, hopelessness, to encourage your heart and drive you more creative and safely. But above all, relaxation therapies can help you connect with those things you really enjoy, have fun and admire about yourself, which makes a big difference between living and surviving.

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2 Reviews about Relaxation Therapies: the difference between living and surviving
on 29/04/2015
I really like that...the difference between living and surviving. And it's so true! Why is it that in Western societies, where the rush takes over people's lives so intensely that we STOP living?! It's insane...absolute insanity. I can't believe that we have somehow let our lives fall into this incredibly sick routine.
on 26/05/2013
Hey, my wife is very stressed and her birthday will be soon so I was thinking on giving her something to relax her body, surely she will be very thankful, I think that a massage could be the right therapy but maybe if I find something that combines some of the therapies, it would be even better!

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