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Quieting, Relaxation Area

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Quieting, Relaxation Area

Quieting is intended as a process towards a path of relaxation and awareness of the way we live and with the guide, focus and calm. Different disciplines are proposed so that each can bring different effects. Quieting proposes “Stopping, recognizing and changing” behavior from the here and now.

The project was born of the own concerns, have put a brake on accelerated life we live today. The idea of quieting is to begin to value life, to enjoy every step you take and in that way, relate better to our environment, family, work and society. You have better communication and connection.

Talking about your company

From our experience in the business, we decided to promote a space dedicated exclusively to the treatment of stress, this "new symptoms”, widespread disease in recent decades in our societies.

When a person works at a hundred percent, anxieties, shock, negative emotions inherent in any work environment, individual and group disturbances occur, inevitably. It will be very hard to harmonize the soul-body unity, since we cannot hear what we need. That will make us feel increasingly frustrated, leading to a confinement of mind: personal relationships, especially labor, will tend to become poor, like our daily tasks in the areas of work.

What can cause stress?

The stress keeps the body is equal to the normal development of energy flow we have built from birth. Why not listen to what our body needs, we are more exposed to physical ailments (migraines, back pain, gastritis, irritable bowel, etc.) And mental (depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.).

Our proposal

The goal is to make the person calm those anxieties that impede the smooth working. From its center so that person can live with tranquility and relaxation, thereby increasing interpersonal relationships, what consequently improve own job performance.

The options proposed include: Pranic Healing, Shiatsu ergonomic chair, teaching proper breathing (significantly helps to calm anxieties and take a more realistic contact with reality) and practice it with visualization, meditation and dance therapy to the integration of colleagues, and further development of creativity.

Thai foot massage

This massage technique based its stimulation of the feet, calves and ankles.
It is a manual massage, integrative aims to relieve stress, improve blood circulation, release tension and facilitate nerve balance of bodily functions (homeostasis).

Thai Reflexology works on the whole body, stimulating the reflexes of the internal organs, glands and various parts of the body. The meeting of the current time is approximately one hour.

Spa for the face

Facial massage improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles of the face and helps maintain good hydration and skin.
 "The power of nature in balance with the harmony of the skin"

  • Face massage with coconut oil or rosehip
  • Facial Mud Mask or avocado.
  • Head and neck massage with relaxation techniques through the feet.
  • Relaxation in the back with oil

The treatments are based on entirely with natural ingredients

Twin Hearts Meditation

Twin Hearts is an advanced technique in meditation, to bless the earth with peace, loving kindness and to achieve enlightenment or universal consciousness of those who practice it. It is a form of world service, and we fill the world with positive spiritual energy and repeat the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

Twin Hearts references to coronary heart chakra. During it, the practitioner tries divine energy, filling with Light, Love and Divine Power.

The heart chakra is an energy center located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra is the center of compassion, joy, affection, consideration and other refined emotions. The crown chakra, on the other hand, is the center of enlightenment, or divine love, or union with everything. Situated at the top of the head, providing energy to the brain and the glands in it, which receives spiritual energy that is distributed to other parts of the body.

Benefits of Meditation

When a person practices meditation on Twin Hearts daily or regularly, their major chakras and auras will increase in size, making their energy bodies more dynamic and stronger. Leads and guides the practitioner to the essence of which today happens to be separated from her/him for wanting to achieve the proposed objectives that are not fundamental or merely.

The potency of the blessings that occur in meditation is increased many times when done by a group of people.

As the Twin Hearts Meditation is a powerful tool to bring peace to the world, Master Choa, his creator gave permission for dissemination, reprint, copy and reproduce the Meditation with proper knowledge.

People who cannot practice meditation of Twin Hearts are:

  • Those under 18 years;
  • Those with heart problems, hypertension, glaucoma or severe kidney disease and pregnant women.

Jahara technique

The Jahara technique, aquatic therapy, is a body integration, which takes place in swimming pools with heated water.

Its therapeutic goals are multiple:

On the physical level, provides muscle relaxation, expansion of the spine, bone structure alignment, enhanced circulation of blood and lymph, integration and mobilization of the entire body.

On an emotional level, it is efficient to overcome anxiety states, depression and fear - including fear of water, and through support provided by the therapist and water, the receiver experiences a situation of confidence and fluidity that is very comforting. Containment also perceived in the embrace of water and contact with another human being, allowing healing of wounds and traumas of the psyche, changing mindsets and emotional.

The body-temperature water, silence and the sensations produced by the non-gravity sensation opened the door to the expansion of consciousness, leading to a new perception of their own identity. Many patients describe the lived a session of Jahara as a deeply spiritual experience connecting with other dimensions and the essence of being.

Recipients note the short and long term, and commented that the benefits are felt in numerous ways, including improving the ability to relax, inner calm, a sense of lightness and relief from all kinds of aches and pains.

A single session can be a turning point for the therapeutic process of a person, and some psychologists work together with Jahara therapists in this opportunity to offer their patients at some point in their therapy.

How is it done?

The therapist holds the patient's body floating in the water, looking in particular the cervical area with comfortable support and made sure with his arm. Also has a cylindrical float holding both knees. The use of float allows ease tensions in the lower back.
The key element is water, while the role of therapist is to care and promote the expansion and constant alignment of the patient's body. The work related to expansion and alignment of the spine physical effects and neurological level, and is one of the linchpins of this technique. The pace of work is slow and steady, allowing a degree of deep relaxation.

The sensation of infinite space, inner and outer scale, is deeply relaxing and liberating.

Water gives this work its characteristics: fluency, harmony in the movements, the constancy of the rhythm, allows freedom in movement while providing security, expansion of the spine and all joints, the intensity of physical experience and depth of the patient's emotional experience.

Luis Maria Campos 1027 4 "B" - Capital Federal, Argentina.

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2 Reviews about Quieting, Relaxation Area
on 09/07/2014
It's so good to see organizations such as these popping up. And I think as time goes on we'll continue to see more and more, as the need for them continues to grow. I'm also so thankful that we recognize that we need this now, rather than 20-30 years ago, when my parents were growing up, with the mindset of "suck it up, you'll get over it". That's not really a healthy way of living, and I'm glad to see organizations like this around!
on 04/05/2013
Hey, this sounds amazing, do you know where can I find a therapist that could help me with some sessions of this technique? I want to try it because I?m really stressed especially because of work, which makes me an angry person with my family and I want to stop this

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