Rejuvenating medicinal fruit and vegetable mixes Medizinische Präparate zum verjüngen mit Obst und Gemüse Preparados medicinales y rejuvenecedores con frutas y verduras

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Rejuvenating medicinal fruit and vegetable mixes

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Rejuvenating medicinal fruit and vegetable mixes

There is nothing new about the the innumerable properties of fruits and vegetables, which should be included in our daily diet to maintain not only the beauty and vitality of the body but to keep it clean and healthy. For healing purposes, fruits and vegetables can be used and combined in various ways, causing certain chemical reactions in our stomachs and bodies and helping heal diseases. These reactions can also rejuvenate and restore the proper functioning of organs and tissues in our bodies.

Here is a list of juices and their medicinal healing effects on the body:

Ginger juice

(Against arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint problems and inflammation of tendons)


  • A piece of ginger roughly the size of your thumb (well washed and disinfected)
  • A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • One tablespoon of agave syrup
  • Two lemons (juiced)


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for no more than 10 seconds.
  2. Turn off and drink the juice immediately without straining. This will also help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Consumption mode: Fast daily for twenty days. You should also drink two litres of water each day to mobilise toxins. Try to avoid eating red meats and poultry, as well as sugar, refined flour and cow's milk.

Sprout juice

(To treat infections, rejuvenate, strengthen the immune system, cleanse intestines and kidneys)


  • A cup of alfalfa sprouts
  • One cup of soy or broccoli sprouts
  • Three lemons (well washed and cut into pieces, skin and all)
  • A piece of pineapple
  • Honey or agave syrup


  1. Put two glasses of pure water in a blender and blend with pieces of lemon peel.
  2. Blend for 30 seconds, then strain the water. Rinse the blender and add the lemon water with the sprouts and pineapple, sweeten with a little honey or agave syrup.
  3. Blend well and drink immediately afterwards, preferably without straining it.
  4. Drink this juice during mid-morning and do not combine with any other food.

Red plum and cranberry juice

(Ideal to rejuvenate, cleanse intestines and blood, which is essential to heal virtually all diseases, as well as healing further stomach and skin problems)


  • A glass and a half of water
  • A very small amount of beets, previously juiced
  • 3 peeled plums
  • A handful of fresh cranberries
  • One lemon (juiced)
  • Honey or agave syrup


  1. Put everything in a blender and blend well. Strain well, squeezing out the excess pulp.
  2. Drink slow sips in the morning around 30 minutes before breakfast, and eat nothing until the 30 minutes have passed.

Powerful Healing Juice

(Cures migraines, mental and physical fatigue, vision problems, combats fungi and skin problems, cancer and cysts, infections, etc.)


  • A glass of freshly made carrot juice
  • A piece of raw broccoli (thoroughly washed and disinfected)
  • A stick of celery
  • A piece of cactus (nopal)


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend very well. If it turns out very thick, add a little more carrot juice.
  2. Strain and drink immediately at midmorning, unsweetened.

Juice to heal and beautify eyes, skin and hair


  • A piece of beetroot (beets)
  • A stick of celery
  • A sprig of parsley
  • A glass of fresh carrot juice


  1. Pass through the juicer and drink slowly immediately after processing, chewing well.
  2. Drink this juice at mid-morning or afternoon. You can accompany your meal with this juice, but do not sweeten it with anything.

Infused Juice of apple and plum

(Combats colitis, gastritis, inflammation of the abdomen, constipation, gas, digestive problems and stomach infections)


  • Three apples (peeled and cored)
  • 15 prunes
  • Brown sugar
  • Two oranges (juiced)
  • 1 and a half litres of water


  1. Boil the plums and apples (cut into halves) in roughly a pint of water.
  2. Add the brown sugar and orange juice. Simmer until cooked through.
  3. Flatten with a fork so the apples and plums release their juice. Drink this mixture warm.
  4.  Do not eat anything more than that for a single day to really feel the stomach being healed. The effects of this medicinal preparation may be stomach pain or diarrhea, which is normal. Take a break the day you begin this diet and try to drink a litre of pure water combined with this warm juice.

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6 Reviews about Rejuvenating medicinal fruit and vegetable mixes
on 27/01/2016
Some of these juices sound really nice, but I personally don't think that fasting is a good way to heal yourself. This juice perhaps in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, but something so strong and potentially acidic in your stomach when you haven't eaten anything else sounds like it could cause a lot of upset. Why must most of them be drunk during fasting?
on 13/01/2015
I love these recipes, I just love the idea of using food for medicine, using it to cure oneself or to prevent certain conditions. Thanks so much for all of these recipes, they actually all sound pretty tasty. While I don't take many pains to ensure that my hair and skin look great, the healing juices look irresistable.
on 10/03/2014
I have heard that ginger has many good properties when dealing with the cough and other problems like flu, or low defenses, so I was wondering if taking that juice help to avoid the problems like that and if making juice don't alter the properties of the ginger and the other ingredients I am willing to use as the orange juice
on 04/03/2014
Sprouts are the perfect ingredient if you want to improve your whole body and especially the vitality, all the times I have drunk or eaten sprouts, my body feels refreshed and ready to keep of doing the things I like, and then I realize I have more energy than when not consuming them, maybe it is just in my mind though
on 10/02/2014
I am a special person, I do no like the taste of many things, but after thinking a little I opted for drinking of the remedies you say here, and the taste was ok, with a little honey, and actually you can feel the freshness and how it rejuvenates your whole body, starting from your stomach!
on 05/02/2014
Good remedies to keep on fit, all of them with the natural properties of all and each fruit and vegetable, since I have read many of your articles I can understand which are the best ingredients suited for every case and especially when preparing juice, but well, the most important thing is drinking fresh made.

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