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Rejuvenate your body Stretching

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Rejuvenate your body Stretching

One of the wonders of stretching exercise is that in addition to helping keep the body in shape, they are great for the benefit of the optimal cell function, causing all the body's cells working properly, rejuvenating the skin and toning up. These exercises are great in all ages. In children, they help them grow better and adults to keep a top condition.

The benefits of stretching exercises include:

  • Maintain healthy joints of the body.
  • Keep your muscles strong, flexible and healthy.
  • Provide a sense of comfort and tranquility.
  • Assist and encourage good circulation, helping nutrients to get distributed properly throughout the body.
  • Help you breathe better and there is a better uptake of oxygen in the body.
  • Relieve the body of tensions that accumulate and eventually cause many health problems.
  • Create more harmonious and fluid body movements.
  • Help prevent muscle injuries and make the body strong and agile.

There are many practices currently that teach us very effective stretching exercises, like yoga. It is always advisable to have a good instructor if you are a beginner since stretching improperly or incorrectly can cause injury and harm than benefit. However, here we share a simple and handy guide for you to do stretching exercises every day, and we will tell you how to make them properly to avoid injury. You will feel the difference from the first session.

Before you begin:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes and pants, avoid tight clothes.
  • Do these exercises for 20 minutes each day minimum. In the morning, will help you to wake up and help you relax at night and help relieve stress.
  • Try to avoid the rush, because hurry makes you tense and you won’t enjoy the exercise. It is very important to enjoy the activity.
  • You must start slowly and avoid forcing or stretching too fast. The stretch begins slowly, feel the limits of how far you stretch your body, and you should not force this limit at first.
  • No need to push to painful limits, go adjusting your muscular structure flexibility and changing levels of tension. The key is to be consistent every day and avoid the rush.
  • Never attempt an overstretching or you stretch if you feel overwhelmed, enjoy the stretch and gradually you will notice that you are and more flexible.
  • If you feel very tense, before play some music and dance, get carried away by the sound and release the muscles. This will prepare your body more and you will enjoy more the session.

Basic stretching routine

First exercise: first, stand with legs slightly apart. Drop your body down with your hands trying to touch your feet. Do not force yourself, only go as far as you can and hang in there counting to 60, count slowly. While you are doing this, slightly pull your body trying to touch your feet and enjoy stretching your back, your neck and legs.

Torso stretch: Stand with legs slightly apart. Put your hands on your waist and then arch torso back, as far as you can, throwing out your pelvis. Stay in this position count to sixty and enjoying stretching your torso, back and neck. Return to the original position and continue to the next exercise.

Back and muscles: Standing with legs slightly apart and your back straight. Lift your arms up and, without moving the trunk, try to touch the ceiling with one hand, slowly lift it up as much as possible, you will feel the stretch in your waist area and your spine. Avoid dropping the trunk to one side, it must remain straight. Also avoid leaving the abdomen loose, it must be tightened in place. After stretching right side of the body, do it with your other hand. Up and down, alternating hands, 60 times will be enough.

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2 Reviews about Rejuvenate your body Stretching
on 06/08/2014
Stretching feels SOO good. I can really notice a differene in how my body feels when I've been stretching regularly, versus when I haven't. These are definitely some good tips, I totally agree that you should NEVER stretch before first warming up, and NEVER stretch to where it's painful. My fiance and I will sometimes stretch together after rides, and he has a lot tighter musculature than I do. He really struggles with the idea of not trying to fit an "image" of how to stretch, but to just stretch to your own limits. But that's one of the most important things to remember.
on 24/02/2013
I think that stretching exercises can be really helpful when you want to improve your circulation or your bones and joint movement. I recommend doing these exercises during the morning to start the day with an optimal condition, and should be accompanied with a recommended and healthy diet to help the entire body.

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