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Rejuvenate up to 10 years with the Fast of Mind and Body

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Rejuvenate up to 10 years with the Fast of Mind and Body

Do you want to take away a few years off? Do you feel constantly tired, fatigued or depressed? Are you sick often? Are you overweight? Then you can begin to renew your life practicing this fasting with secrets tips that will make you look like someone new and rejuvenated.

Even though you don’t notice, every day your body wears out and deteriorates not only with air pollution, food and ideas or news that depress us and make us feel bad, but also with stress, anxiety and anger. So there comes a time when the body starts to show those depressive or irritable feelings, by diseases or withered and aged skin.

To rejuvenate the body, you don’t have to wait until Christmas or your birthday, any day can be an ideal time to give your body a real rest and repair major organs like the liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, etc. that are all essential to show off a young, energetic and attractive body.

The practice of fasting to rejuvenate

Fasting is not only the withdrawal of food, but it is a powerful method to strengthen the will and mind. It is a good way to start on the physical plane, to get true alignment and reintegration of our energy and spirit, bringing to our body an emotional, mental and physical turmoil that is constantly exposed, it is an art to improve and repair the body in every way.


  • It increases our personal power.
  • It cleans every organ and system.
  • It soothes the mind and feeds us in every way.

How to practice fasting for rejuvenation?

You should select two or three days where you just eat a fruit: papaya, pineapple or grapes. Drink pure water and nothing else, and start the day by taking two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. This mono-diet, (because it only includes one food) serves to mobilize toxins, bad fats, chemicals and other wastes that are stuck in the body. Afte two or three days, eat only vegetables, whole grains and fruits, and two liters of water a day for 21 days.

During this fast, try to perform an activity like yoga, where you can do stretching to mobilize your muscles and internal organs. Practice breathing exercises guided by a professional that teaches you how to oxygenate your body in the right way.

During these days, watch yourself very closely, but watch you without trial; don’t judge yourself or have thoughts of blame or guilt about you. Try to speak in a loving way, ask yourself every day what do you want, or if you are happy, and what things you can do to change your life to be happier.

Read things that will help you cultivate your emotional world, and give peace and comfort to your feelings.

Once you pass the 21 days, you can reinstate food slowly, but try to keep the attitude and exercise every day.

Special recommendations

  • Eat seasonal fruits, wash fruits and vegetables with a brush and choose those that are organic to prevent contaminated that have chemicals or pesticides.
  • If you made juices, drink immediately.
  • Do not combine fruits with vegetables. Eat fruits on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes to digest.
  • If you are using organic vegetables, better peel them.
  • Avoid, after diet or fasting, all processed and refined sugars and flours, soda and other, as well as fried meats and junk food, which only fill the body with toxins getting it older and ill.


Don’t do fasting in an exaggerated way, it can also be a way to avoid or escape from real life. Fasting is only a tool to heal and rejuvenate, not to comply with societal stereotypes of beauty or to maintain the body.

In some Eastern cultures, fasting, along with breathing, is a way to expand consciousness and to get to know ourselves.

Remember that you should eat in a proper way. The right choice of our food, variety and equitable distribution are essential for staying healthy and cheerful throughout our lives.

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2 Reviews about Rejuvenate up to 10 years with the Fast of Mind and Body
on 16/12/2014
The mind and body fast, what a wonderful idea! I read this book once called "perfect health" by deepak chopra, and he claims that due to the fact that the body regenerates completley (every tissue, every cell) within a matter of seven years, if we consciously eat and control our minds, our bodies will cleanse themselves completely of all disease.
on 03/12/2012
Fasting is a good way to improve our daily diet, maybe I will try to follow the 21 days fasting but maybe that is to tough for me, and actually I?m not sure if eating the same things for a long period of time is the good for our health, I?m going to do some research and then try it.

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