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Reiki.. What is it, how acts and its Benefits

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Reiki.. What is it, how acts and its Benefits

REIKI is an ancient technique of harmonization, which was re-discovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui (Christian monk), in the nineteenth century.

"REI: Universal Life Energy"
"KI is a part of REI, which flows through everything that lives, so it is our own life energy"

Christians know this energy as the "Divine Light", the Chinese as "Chi" and Hindus as "Prahna" also called "Bioplasma", "Bioenergy" or "Universal Cosmic Energy."

Giving Reiki, then, means making a transfer or channeling of Universal Energy Cosmic light, life force (i.e. the Holy and Almighty Power of God), to anyone who requires and needs.

Reiki existed for thousands of years, so much so that Sidharta Gautama (Buddha), as well as Jesus Christ used it in those days, for their fantastic healing. There are also remains of this healing technique in the spiritual history of India and Tibet.

Truth, Divine Love and Knowledge are the basic qualities of Reiki and is why "REIKI" allows us to experience directly the Love of God, that which would claim to find more any kind of intellectual or scientific explanation.

We simply feel that Life Force exists and that we are acting in a manner truly wonderful, full of inner peace, prosperity and perfect health. That is why it is an experience that everyone should experience for themselves.

Reiki force "stimulates the body in a totally integrated drive towards self, body and balances the heart and acts on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balancing the energy centers (chakras), restores harmony and flows in unlimited quantity. Therefore, through the Universal Life Force, we can free ourselves from the "negative charges", and / or emotional energy, which end up becoming real "armor" as a result of the blockades and the constant mental and muscular tension that normally produce.”

For all that, Reiki is a blessing from God, an immeasurable gift and I always want to experience the positive effects of Reiki, not only in the aspect of physical health, but also in terms of full personal development as must often think about fundamental concepts such as "Love," "Freedom," "Responsibility", the "Truth" and especially on how they interact with the "Universal Laws" created by God, which govern the designs of the entire universe.

Reiki can also be used simply as an integral and natural method of healing and relaxation, in which case the techniques REIKI was equally effective even if we are only working to heal our physical body. In this case, the deeper processes of evolution will only be accessible to those who are engaged in analyzing their own mental structures, which generally differ from one person to another.

To finish, let’s say that this powerful Universal Life Force "REIKI" encourages your individuality and helps you find your own path of evolution, but you for yourself must travel it. Reiki, the techniques of meditation or relaxation, as well as many other forms of natural medicine can only help you live better, but no substitute for life itself, that is why those who do not accumulate their own experience, cannot be converted ever, do not grow, or evolve.

For all that, the ultimate aim is that man, since the essence of his being, is increasingly closer to its own immanent God and thus finds a balance, inner peace, harmony, perfect health and general welfare.

Reiki history is the story of the rediscovery of the practical application of this divine energy in the all-times. It is a story of ordinary people, each with their problems, concerns and questions, none will ever pretend to be a "Saint" or become an "enlightened", but each contributed in their own way to the Divine Light and Love a chance to expand and reach out to everyone on the planet. Each one gives the best they have within themselves and thereby make it possible to know that this millennium is transmitted from one to another.

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3 Reviews about Reiki.. What is it, how acts and its Benefits
on 29/07/2014
I've never experienced Reiki, but as of late it has been popping up in all sorts of blogs and health magazines. I hadn't even heard of it until a couple years ago, and since then it's seemed to have exploded. Do you have any suggestions of practitioners in the states?
on 28/04/2014
this is a good summary about the technique because it includes many aspects that might be complicated when you hear them for the first time but once you get coupled with the topic, reiki is something amazing that can change your life!!

and I really recommend it!

on 23/03/2014
I have studied Reiki but specially for my personal development as human and to understand things of the nature that were difficult to achieve, then I found myself in a state of total consciousness and at the same time relaxation, it is amazing and even though I am a common doctor, I recommend it as natural therapy

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