Reiki and its preventive and curative role Reiki und seine präventive und kurative Rolle Reiki y su función preventiva y curativa

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Reiki and its preventive and curative role

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Reiki and its preventive and curative role

The best way to understand Reiki is by experiencing it. We can talk about energy and the concepts; however, that cannot be compared with the direct experience.

Reiki treatments can result in rapid relief of stress, pain and anxiety. Many people also find other benefits, such as improved quality of sleep, digestion and a greater sense of wellbeing.
Reiki also provides patient motivation and helps fight depression and secondary symptoms of chemotherapy.

What is Reiki?

Eastern medical philosophy has emphasized prevention through health maintenance, rather than curing the disease. Reiki is a practice that is considered a curative and preventive medicine, with healing techniques which are based on our ability to heal ourselves, promoting balance in our energy centers called chakras.

Some even claim that Reiki is excellent for help in relieving headaches, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, sprains, strains, etc.

Reiki is also known by assisting in lowering and preventing tumors especially after treatment. When a person is already in good health, it increases vitality and slows the aging process.

A natural way to be healthy

Only when some parts of our bodies don’t work naturally is when disease occurs. Causes include bacteria and viruses, toxins or psychosomatic.

Bacteria and viruses are always present in our bodies, but are kept under control, while our bodies function naturally.

Toxins clog our bodies continuously, but if the body is healthy and works naturally, these toxins are neutralized with chemicals produced by our body.

Our brain is continually stressed, but again, if nature takes its course, we will be like new after sleep and rest.

In Oriental medicine, being healthy is not only being free of disease; an irritable, forgetful, restless and apathetic person cannot concentrate or sleep well and cannot be called healthy.

How does Reiki work?

First, it frees us from disease and also prevents it. This practice helps us grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, giving us wonderful benefits. The preventive and curative qualities of Reiki can be summarized in two simple principles: clearing the meridians and chakra balancing to achieve a harmonious energy flow.

How long should be performed?

Reiki Healing is a process, not an instantaneous event and varies from person to person. In general, acute problems heal faster than chronic. It is important to realize that this is a curing process that involves the systematic elimination of energy imbalances and therefore requires a certain level of commitment.

Reiki, Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression often occur together. The treatment of depression and anxiety with Reiki is becoming very popular. Reiki treats depression and anxiety as a negative energy. Negative energy manifests as imbalance in the chakras or energy centers.
Common symptoms of depression include insomnia or increased need for sleep, fatigue, loss of interest in hobbies or life in general, sadness, crying, anger, suicidal thoughts, etc.
Symptoms of anxiety often include insomnia, irritability, irrational fear, palpitations and chest pain.

Reiki provides an alternative therapy for depression free of side effects. In most cases, Reiki immediately improves the situation of people with depression and anxiety.

Benefits of Reiki

The benefits of Reiki can be divided into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual:


  • Promotes and accelerates the healing ability of the body itself
  • Helps to reconcile a deep, restorative sleep
  • Balances the energy centers (chakras) in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves pain, i.e. headaches, back pain, relaxing muscles
  • Helps rid of addictions
  • Removes toxins from the body (something of great concern these days)
  • Reduces stress and relaxes the body
  • Treats the root cause of disease
  • Balances the organs, glands and body functions


  • Helps overcome feelings and blocked emotions or repressed
  • Improves mental activities and promotes a greater ability to cope with everyday challenges
  • Soothes and relaxes the mind, relieving stress
  • Improves concentration
  • Facilitates decision
  • It promotes creativity and improves memory
  • Aids meditation and positive thinking
  • Promotes courage to make positive changes in one's life


  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved confidence
  • Calms and balances the emotions
  • Promotes feelings of joy, love and peace
  • Improved relationships


  • Increases intuition and other multisensory abilities
  • Helps in the progression of spiritual growth
  • Deepens the connection with higher entities

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2 Reviews about Reiki and its preventive and curative role
on 17/07/2014
This is such an interesting practice. It definitely ties in harmoniously with the idea of everything in the universe sharing the same energy (be it manifested or unmanifested). We all share the same life force. I've never experienced Reiki, so I can't say first hand, but it sounds like this would be an incredible experience.
on 26/02/2013
I have read some articles about Reiki and I think it is a good alternative therapy to help the entire body and especially the mind, which is the one that controls the body and can get rid of diseases just with the right information, I wanna try it right now!

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