Regenerate your Skin while you sleep Regenerieren Sie Ihre Haut, während Sie schlafen Regenera tu Piel mientras duermes

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Regenerate your Skin while you sleep

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Regenerate your Skin while you sleep

Turn the light off, close your eyes and fall into a state of deep relaxation. And while the case with the calm night and we sleep, our breathing becomes deep and calm, the muscles relax, the heartbeat is more leisurely and digestion is slower. But not everything is just right in the body, because when we sleep mechanisms are active to repair skin, and it is during this rest period that the cells of our tissues play more effectively benefit all the functions.

Sleep and consenting skin

Taking advantage when we sleep to help the skin to oxygenate, nourish and re-option is a great benefit to the health of the skin cell. The skin has its own natural mechanisms of regeneration, if we give a hand with a special treatment, it can strengthen its important regenerative activity, and after a while we really see very positive results.

Perhaps you've noticed that every morning your skin looks more relaxed, looking smooth and clean and maybe younger. Naturally rejuvenates the skin while sleeping. As mentioned, while one sleeps, the muscles relax and the flow becomes lighter and more fluid. At this time, blood comes with greater efficiency and eases the top area of the body, neck and head, and there is shared spreading nutritional elements and oxygen by the skin of the face. Likewise, as the skin at this point is not exposed to sun or wind or pollution, compounds that accelerate the aging (free radicals) are eliminated more than during the day.

Here we give you some secrets of truly effective routine so you can maximize the profits and benefits to all this work done by the natural skin while you sleep. These habits can be done by anyone who wishes to consent, to heal, regenerate and rejuvenate your skin, being especially beneficial for people who suffer from some type of dermatitis, acne, redness, inflammation, granite, wrinkles, dryness and so on.

Regeneration routine at Night

1. Free your pores: before you fall asleep, you should wash your face very well, so it is free from grease, dust, dead cells, bacteria, make up or any agent that prevents the obstruction of pores and thus the cellular respiration, causing the skin to suffocate and show a little bit more opaque, with granite, dry, red and smooth.

2. Cleaning routine: You should do this preferably with clean water as the water contains a lot of common chlorine and dry skin. When washing your face avoid too much rubbing with the towel or your hands, give gentle taps. We recommend using a cotton swab soaked in mineral water and oats instead of soap once or twice a week. Other days prefer a mild soap or honey.

3. Cream: after washing your face, apply a night cream. Keep in mind that it is not very convenient abuse of cream, put a light coat and allow your skin to nourish and regenerate your blood, which must always be well nourished with a diet rich in vegetables acids Omega 3 fats, fruits and good quality food.

4. Dinner: avoid any heavy meal before bedtime, especially avoidance of cow's milk and sugar or some derivative. These foods are highly irritating, and rather than benefit, hinder the repair of cells. Ideally, dinner hour and a half or two hours before bedtime. If a long dinner, your digestion and blood won’t allow your skin to perform its natural functions. It is important, however, that before you sleep eat an apple, 2 nuts and a tea of oatmeal, or a salad and 2 nuts. These foods also promote a good sleep and deep relaxation, avoiding insomnia, ad having excellent ingredients to nourish and oxygenate skin.

5. Environment: check that your room is well ventilated. If possible (if no rain or too cold) put the window a bit open at night.

6. Humidifiers: heating the atmosphere and dry heat causes real havoc on the skin resection in the extreme. To avoid this, use a humidifier.

7. Time: try to sleep at one hour every day and keep your room very dark and quiet at night: these components are ideal for your skin truly rest.

8. Insomniathe insomnia is a cause that irritates the skin, because if you look, when your skin is not down is the first to say, because it could be repaired. So if you have insomnia check before anything else your diet and your emotional state. Often insomnia is because one is not well nourished, or is tense all day, or excessive mental work or a suspicious character. Date moments during the day to be quiet and away from the stress, avoid irritants such as soda drinks and alcohol. In the evening, be confident that all your problems will be resolved in the morning and turn off the light, and sleep without your having to solve anything.

9. In the morning: and finally, when you wake, drink any citrus fruit or juice fasting. This will help eliminate these toxins accumulated overnight.

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2 Reviews about Regenerate your Skin while you sleep
on 20/09/2014
Great tips. I actually am very interested in this, especially in the sleeping part. Lately I feel like even though I've been going to sleep quickly and sleep sound, I wake up and just feel so tired still. I feel like I didn't sleep deeply or something. And my face just broke out, so I'm wondering if those two are related. Thanks!
on 30/09/2013
Those articles that help to change the habits to improve the skin are my favorite, now that I have try many of your advices I think my skin is better all the time and I really trust in all the things that you explain so thank you very much keep on going please!

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