Regenerate, heal and rejuvenate your skin Regenerieren, heilen und verjüngen sie ihre Haut Regenera, Sana y Rejuvenece tu Piel

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Regenerate, heal and rejuvenate your skin

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Regenerate, heal and rejuvenate your skin

The skin is an organ that obviously reflects how we feel, what we eat, what hurts us, if we are sad, etc. A young, healthy skin is certainly attractive and you want to touch and look at it. That’s why eternal youth is so appreciated, because a fresh and firm the skin not only reflects a lot of us, but also is a symptom of health, balance and inner well-being.


It means to reactivate the cell growth to restore missing tissues. This process occurs at multiple levels of biological organization, and depends on the skill and resources of different agencies to restore and repair organs and tissues.

Regeneration can occur at the cells, tissue, organs or whole-body structures. In some organisms, regeneration is limited, while in others it is quite active, as in the case of the salamanders and starfish, which can regenerate whole limbs.
In the case of humans, cell regeneration occurs every day, there is a removal of old cells with new ones in almost all the body, including organs such as liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.

Healthy cells

There is a great link between good health and cell regeneration of cells, i.e. their youth. So here are some tips to keep your skin, tissues and organs remain young for more time.

1. Detoxify the body

Cellular detoxification is certainly a critical piece for a good cell replacement. For this, we recommend that every two or three months, you do a cleansing diet, put your body on a diet for a day or two, eating only grapes, which also contain powerful antioxidants in the seeds. In these days of cleaning, you should start the day with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed. This diet cleanses your cells, tissues and organs, and it’s a great time to heal the liver, intestines, blood, etc., if necessary. In addition to detoxify your body, you need to do exercise and sweat so you can remove accumulated toxins in your body and exfoliate the skin every week to keep removing dead cells and stimulate replying features.

2. Strong immune system

The immune system must be strong and that is another basic element of regeneration. For this reason, you should include in your diet, once you made the cleansing diet, fresh vegetable juices rich in vitamin C such as citrus juice, broccoli, pineapple, etc. It’s important that you remove from your diet products such as sugar, refined flour, cow's milk, fried foods and sausages, which only clog the intestine and don’t allow nutrients to be absorbed, leading to a weak immune system and the incubation of bacteria in the body.

3. Sleeping like a baby

Did you know that your sleep hormones activate cell regeneration? If you do not sleep well or often, you stop these glands work in your brain and reparation of tissues and organs gets poor. Nothing better for cell regeneration than to have a good rest. If you feel you do not sleep well, take passionflower tea, lime, anise or mint at night, and try to avoid heavy dishes, instead consume vegetarian dishes, so your body won’t be busy making digestion while you sleep.

4. Consume antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent premature aging of skin and cell oxidation. The best antioxidants you can find are: garlic, onion, citrus, strawberries, berries, grapes (seed is powerful), aloe, cactus, almonds, broccoli, cocoa, green tea, blueberries, etc. And for good absorption, do not forget to avoid congesting food for intestines that prevent the proper absorption of nutrients such as those mentioned above. Also avoid tension which blocks regenerative processes.

5. Stay in good spirits and cheerful

The joy and pleasure moods help the body to produce certain hormones related to the proper performance of cell regeneration. You need to keep your mind focused on beautiful things, but don’t forget to understand the messages about what you do not like; nothing is gained by covering your finger with the sun and pretending that things do not interest us. Feel joy does not work when you don’t pay attention to what makes you mad or causes you pain, but works when you find ways of relating harmony with our surroundings. Old mind programs or harmful patterns of behavior by understanding should be removed, as constant depression or anger in the body are translated into chemical chains which affect the genetic and cellular function, i.e. they become toxins in the body due to the type of hormones and fluids that are secreted by these emotional states.

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2 Reviews about Regenerate, heal and rejuvenate your skin
on 22/02/2015
What a great article! I love that you approach things from an internal perspective, rather than applying chemical, superficial creams. It's so important to take care of the body, because if we don't have our health, life can be really limited. The skin speaks loud and clear about bodily health too.
on 14/12/2012
Nice information, it?s true that the real window of the soul is the skin, because we can tell if someone has health or psychological problems just touching or looking at the skin. Also it?s is important to have a great skin health, not only for us, but for our couple, who wants to touch us and we should present a nice and clean skin.

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