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Reflexology for children

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Reflexology for children

There's nothing like seeing children and babies healthy and happy. And the foot reflexology is undoubtedly one of the best natural alternative medicine to achieve this, which is a Chinese massage applied on the feet of small to help stimulate the proper functioning of organs and systems, as well as strengthening the immune system against all types of diseases. It is a very rewarding way to help children in their early years, it may be applied without any problems. Therapy is a simple, pleasant and safe.

Benefits of Reflexology in children and babies:

  • Promotes the health and capacity for self-regulation and repair the body.
  • It is a very interesting and effective way for parents to help their children to be healthy. This alternative promotes emotional bound between parents and children. It is easy to learn if the parent is interested in being the one who performe the massage.
  • Helps balance the organs and body systems, and emotional and psychic energy.
  • Stimulates blood circulation, helping to irrigate nutrients to all body cells.
  • Stimulates the functioning of the endocrine glands.
  • Balances the body's vital energy and helps combat muscle and back pain, etc, and can help reduce headaches, migraine, eye problems, etc.
  • Reinforces the body's defenses against lung ailments such as colds, cough, sore throat, otitis, etc., which are frequent at this age.
  • It helps to relax kids when they are crying, or have stress or nervousness. It helps at night to help them sleep, combats insomnia and improves concentration in school days.
  • Very useful against constipation and other conditions or irregularities of the digestive system. Reflexology helps tone the intestines and facilitate their smooth operation and motility.
  • Helps regulate their digestive system. One of the problems that can occur in the first months are colic, which is due to the development of inmature digestive system. At this stage your kid may receive gas and intestinal spasms that create uneasiness and restlessness. Reflexology can help regulate and reduce these symptoms. It also helps combat diarrhea or constipation.
  • Helps to strengthen and balance the immune system of the infant or child. This is of great importance as it can help the child to combat a range of germs and foreign substances that populate the environment where the child is being raised. It may help, accordingly, to prevent infection, fight allergies, etc. It should be noted that during this early stage of human beings, the immune system matures and will affect our entire life.
  • It is a resource that encourages and supports the development of self-healing capacity of the body. Unlike conventional medicines, which mostly only cause the body to become weak to defend and heal itselft, foot reflexology in children can help their ability of healing, making them strong and resistant to infections and diseases of all kinds. Children grow up healthier and less dependent on doctors and medicines.
  • Through reflexology, you may be teaching the young, after a certain age, that body has the amazing ability to heal and repair itself, and only with a little help from us, such as massage on the feet, as required. This practice will stimulate confidence in body and its capabilities, and will be preparing kids for a healthier lifestyles and not dependent of medication or drugs.

How is it performed?

This technique is applied to give a gentle massage on the foot of the small, pressing gently with fingers and hands squeezing specific points in the foot, which reflect all areas and body systems. When dealing with the feet, you are trying other areas of the body.

Does it have side effects?

No, none, it even provides very beneficial effects, such as relaxation, wellbeing and emotional regulation of the child. The loving and affectionate physical contact is something that children need to regulate their energy system, provides them with confidence, security and a feeling of pleasure.

Some of the history

This practice is not new, has about 5000 years old. The Chinese, Japanese and Egyptians began to practice reflexology at the beginning of medicine. It is a discipline derived from acupuncture. In the fourth century BC, the Chinese medical acupuncturist, Wang - Wei, after putting the needles into the body of patients, he pressed with fingers on the soles of the feet firmly, steadily and firmly until he achieved the desired therapeutic effect. Pressing the soles of the feet releases the energy trapped or locked in different parts of the body, causing well-being and relaxation.

The practice of foot massage was refined with more knowledge that led to the technique now known as reflexology. People began practicing massage to communicate their experiences, and gradually discovered that the nerve endings in the foot can be stimulated and are connected with organs and systems.

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4 Reviews about Reflexology for children
on 23/02/2015
I think so often we get fooled into thinking that children don't really suffer from aches adn pains. And a lot of adults think that they're the only ones that need to be physically pampered from time to time, but it's great that you're opening people's eyes as to the fact that children DO need to be pampered too!
on 06/07/2014
on 27/03/2014
Small massages for small guys, this sounds like pretty nice for them and for the parent if he or she enjoys doing it, this can bring together the two, and of course bring all the benefits that are listed here, what else can you expect? this sounds like a pretty good idea
on 31/12/2012
Hello good morning, and a happy new year of course! Nice article, This is perfect for both my wife and I because we are planning on having another baby and we want to try a different medicine to bring him or her healthy and this therapy looks amazing to achieve that, thanks a lot!

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