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Reduction of VAT on organic food

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Reduction of VAT on organic food

We just released a proposal made by the Commissioner of Environment of the European Union in asking a reduction of VAT on organic food. This is an interesting proposal to enhance the power consumption of healthy foods from the European population.

On several occasions we have spoken about the need to support the promotion of such products by cutting prices or reducing the taxes levied, remember that today the price increase of food seriously affects the Mediterranean Diet and ever enjoyed less than a healthy diet, and of course, food have less ecological niche, as they are quite pricey.

Of course this happens in all our country, in other countries such as Germany, it seems that the price does not affect consumers and do not mind paying a little more in order to enjoy a healthy and natural food.

Case is that, although we might think that this initiative is well received, some EU countries do not agree with it, something we do not understand very well, since from the European Union itself is always has tried (or at least it seemed) to develop such products for improve consumer health.

Countries such as France and United Kingdom support the initiative, seeing it with favorably as this would, inter alia, to reduce the energy or meet the goals with regard to change climate. It seems that these arguments do not meet other members of the EU especially those who handle the economic aspect (fear raise less funds). José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission and Laszlo Kovacs, Commissioner of Taxation, the proposal does not look good, say it is difficult to apply.

To nothing is difficult, so you cannot pretend to enhance certain products only with words and brochures while allowing prices to continue increasing. It is difficult to finish the proposal to take place, especially knowing that it is necessary for all countries in the European Union give their approval for the amendment of the VAT on organic goods. Furthermore, if the initiative materialize, another aspect should monitor the performance of brokers, we know that many times food prices are shrinking, but consumers do not appreciate it.

Good are the intentions of the Commissioner of the Environment of the Union and appreciated the support of British and French, but it will remain in good intentions and nothing more. Hopefully we are wrong.

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2 Reviews about Reduction of VAT on organic food
on 14/09/2015
I don't live in the EU, but I am very concerned with the situation of organic products throughout the world, as I am appalled by how we continue to poison ourselves with industrial pesticides and herbicides. I'm not familiar with a VAT however, could you further explain it?
on 06/10/2013
I hope you are wrong too, and well since I have seen the major chance in the past years, I think that we are going through a good path to change the bad habits of the entire society and try to opt for a healthier way of acting as it is the solution for many of the current problems

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