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Recover your safety, say no to Bad Breath

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Recover your safety, say no to Bad Breath

Do not let the bad breath makes you an insecure person, or ruin your social relationships at work, in school and with friends.

Halitosis is a condition that makes you a shy person, it may even result in some extreme cases to make you unsociable.

The first thing to do is identify why you have bad breath, if it's a dental problem or is related to dysfunctions in your digestive system (intestines or stomach).

It has been found that 90% of cases of bad breath originates in the oral cavity, i.e. between the teeth, gums, tongue and even in the pharynx.

Very few cases of halitosis are related to diseases of lungs, gastrointestinal tract, nose or throat.

Oral origin

In this case, as a first step in combating bad breath, you need to visit a dentist who will evaluate your dental health and hygiene. The first symptoms that will give evidence of this problem will be:.

If you see your tongue white or yellowish.

If you have dry and thick saliva or burning tongue.

If you have an unpleasant taste in the morning.

The taste is worse after consuming alcohol, cigarrettes, coffee, dairy products or sweets.

If you feel a sour, bitter or metallic persistent taste.

Prevention and hygiene

Bad breath that is caused in mouth (gums, teeth, tongue) can be prevented with good hygiene. You should brush your teeth three times a day minimally, flossing, cleaning the tongue and also using a mouthwash.

Many experts suggest that odor usually occurs on the tongue, where many bacteria accumulate. These bacteria initiate a rapid decomposition of proteins, which results in an increased production of amino acids, which in turn release sulfuric odorous substances. In these, problematic substances called "volatile sulfur compounds" evaporate and spray quickly, easily reaching others in the form of unpleasant breath.

Other causes

If halitosis is not oral, it's a rare case. Iit is important that the dentist diagnose the source of the problem and refer the patient to the most appropriate medical specialist, usually the otolaryngologist.

Finally note that some medications, foods, or products such as alcohol and smokes can also generarte bad breath, but this is solved when you stop consuming what causes it, usually this type of temporary halitosis.

What to eat

Just as there are foods that create bad breath, there are others who can help you reduce bad smell of your mouth, for example:

A diet rich in fiber, lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables and low in sugars.

Natural Remedies


Chew some seeds of this plant after meals


It is good to mouthwash. One tablespoon of this in a glass of water.

Other infusions

Herbal tea of pennyroyal, mint, holly, absinthe, lemon balm, essential oil of parsley, or rinse with xylitol.

Green tea

Prevents halitosis, infections and tooth decay because of its extracts and enzymes whose combination is active against bacteria. Its polyphenols break down food debris between teeth.

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2 Reviews about Recover your safety, say no to Bad Breath
on 19/08/2014
hehe, "recover your safety". Every now and again I get what are called "tonsil stones", which are little yellow food deposits in the back of my throat, lodged in my tonsils, that cause horrible halitosis. I've been told to do a warm water gargle with sodium bicarbonate, and that seems to help, so if anyone else has that problem, I would recommend the same treatment. YOu can also dislodge them yourself with an appropriate tool, just be careful not to damage your tonsils or push them further back in.
on 25/11/2012
Hey, this is not something to be proud of but I suffer from bad breath problems or halitosis, I didn't know what to do since I was too embarrassed to even see a doctor or ask a friend what to do. But now I've seen what seems to be my problem and I'm going to see a dentist next week to stop my problem quickly.

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