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Recover Your Figure After Childbirth

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Recover Your Figure After Childbirth

So your baby is already here (or soon will be), perhaps your first baby, second or even third, but this does not make you feel a bit exhausted and sore, you may experience new emotions and probably a question on the head: "Can I recover my previous body size?" And among many occupations and tasks, it is not considering some other care as it is at this point where there are many things you can do for your body to regain its form as soon as possible.

In many places taught as giving birth, how to take care during pregnancy and to give care to the baby in the early months. There are fewer places that tell us that care is needed for our body recovers wear (natural, but it's really wear) that has suffered.

Your body has been busy preparing for several months to give birth, so you must be very patient to regain its usual form, if you have a certain amount of care, you'll see that soon you can return to wear the clothes you wore, or even seize this moment to bring your body to a lifestyle more healthy, being in a comfortable weight.

Your body and the first days after birth

The condition of your body during the first days after birth was as dependent on your part and the conditions that were presented during this. We must consider whether the birth was by caesarean section, so naturally, if it was a difficult birth or have had virtually no complications. If the birth was by caesarean section, the recovery will be even slower, and probably already know that the pain reached its peak one or two days after the intervention. You must take into account, if that's the case, the special indications of the doctor for optimal recovery, a few years of very soft or a special diet to prevent constipation.

However, your body will feel tired, somewhat worn and very probably with the following:

  • Sensitive tits
  • Flabby and sensitive stomach
  • Tiredness in the back
  • Pain in general
  • Weight gain
  • A bit of depression, confusion, although not present in all women

First care

To your body recovers and being very healthy, we need to start with very simple care. It is important that you do not pressure or require it regain figure quickly, go slowly, respecting the natural rhythm that your body has. If there is someone to help you around you do not hesitate to accept the aid, and always take any time to rest, for that is what we need most at the moment. In addition to a good night's sleep, consider the following tips:

  • Seek to be well hydrated, drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, you can include fresh fruit juices, fresh vegetables.
  • Your belly is still very sensitive to force anything, s do not try effort, no lifting heavy things and going up stairs. However, you should walk as much as possible and do the exercises that your doctor has recommended you if this is the case.
  • Your diet should be soft, but very nutritious, especially if you're breastfeeding. It is very important that you include papaya, olive oil and prunes in your diet in the morning, this will prevent pain in evacuation. In addition, these foods will help you recover faster. Also include many cereals that are rich in minerals such as liquefied iron, oat, almonds, nuts, fresh vegetables in addition to green. This will replenish your body and wear.
  • Try using a special belt or special bandages to keep your stomach firm and tight while recovering. If you use the bandages, avoid excessive pressure, try advising of who knows how to use. The bands are really beneficial to help, without crashing the skin of the belly.
  • Striations are less dear the aftermath of pregnancy. To avoid them, we need to keep your skin well hydrated during pregnancy and beyond. Apply a special cream to prevent them (aloe is ideal for lubricating the skin), but more importantly eat as healthy as possible so that your skin is elastic and avoid stretch marks as possible. So in your diet should not miss the celery, carrots, algae, pollen, brewer's yeast, the sprouts, avocado, almonds, etc..

Breasts care

The breasts are one of the more susceptible parts of the body at this time. To care, it is necessary to:

  • Buy a special bra and your breasts very well washed and lubricated every time you shower and give baby to eat, especially the area around the nipples.
  • Breastfeed while you have a good posture: Sit in a chair with your back straight and your chest with a load and Hold your hand while the baby eats. This will prevent your breasts from falling out.

To begin to recover the figure (after a few days)

Exercise, remember to start slowly, with mild routines like walking or swimming, and go slowly increasing intensity.

Seek to avoid sugary foods and sausages, which only accumulate in your body as toxins and cause you overweight.

The clay masks are great for giving firmness to the skin. If you have the opportunity to help your skin regains its firmness with a mud mask on the abdomen or thighs or buttocks. The clay can be found in natural stores.

When you stop breastfeeding, give gentle massage to your breasts and do exercises that strengthen as lizards. Swimming is very good to keep firm breasts.

As you feel with more strength and agility, start a good exercise routine for the special abdomen, waist, buttocks and thighs, which are the parts that need a good routine. You can see some of these exercises in the beauty section in this magazine.

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2 Reviews about Recover Your Figure After Childbirth
on 30/08/2014
Great article, and yes, fantastic information. I haven't had a child yet, but these are all things I'm already taking into consideration. I think a lot of women could recover their figure if they really tried, but most women who say they couldn't help but get huge after pregnancy, were never fit to begin with. Fitness is key, and you really, really have to work at it. It's not easy, but it's possible.
on 26/08/2013
Pretty good information, I think that the previous months are more important, since we need to take care to prevent instead of fixing the problems so it is easies right? Well, but nice info especially for those women that are having their first child and are very young to damage their image so soon

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