We recommend parents having breakfast with their children Eltern sollten mit Ihren Kindern Frühstücken Recomiendan a los padres desayunar con los hijos

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We recommend parents having breakfast with their children

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We recommend parents having breakfast with their children

Bilbao celebrates these days, the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Basic and Applied Nutrition (Senba), which brings together 300 specialists. Yesterday, at the opening day, they put the emphasis on breakfast. Experts urged parents to bridge a little more to share with their children the first meal of the day.

Breakfast is so important to do good or bad influences to the level of care that is put in things that are made during the morning on the job or in school. According to nutritionist Javier Aranceta, honorary president of the congress, it is proven that children who don’t eat breakfast have a single nutritional quality "much worse" and gets lost more easily in class.

The specialist advised therefore to prepare the breakfast the previous night, before bedtime, so that the child finds it a pleasant place to enjoy the meal.

Luis Serra agrees with his colleague that the breakfast must meet three conditions .Time should be devoted to -no more than one quarter of an hour, made with company and contain at least fruit, milk and cereals.

Serra recalled that the first intake of the day provides 20% of calories, vitamins and important minerals. Avoiding it is far from helping to lose weight, promotes obesity. "People who eat four or five times a day are thinner," says.

Source: consumer.es

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1 Reviews about We recommend parents having breakfast with their children
on 21/10/2015
Having breakfast with your children is important in so many ways. To start off, it's teaching your children the importance of starting the day off right by eating healthy food and mentally getting ready, it gives you time to bond with them, and it helps you start your day right too!

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