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Recipes with Galician Organic Veal

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Recipes with Galician Organic Veal

"The kitchen of our grandmothers and our mothers is undoubtedly the most known from the Galician cuisine, very balanced formulas that seeks to maintain the natural flavor of the food entering the dishes and what culinary art itself, which is an art of disguise". Alvaro Cunqueiro.

Recipe 1: Clean Broth

In my country we say that the good stock must carry “escornón” ( Veal ), “escarbón” (chicken) and “forzón” (pork). The three kings of the broth.

In a deep pan put plenty of water and introduce a beef bone (also worth a piece of beef skirt or hock and is used later to eat cooked) a bone of ham or cured ham that is not very stale and a quarter or half chicken, ideally old. Bring to the boil, we remove the foam that releases several times and then allow to simmer, not very fast. If you cook in a hurry gets much color. The cooking time is unlimited.

After a couple of hours or so, it goes around and reserve . Even if it goes very oily, you can withdraw a film created at the top to go cold. When cooling all must be kept in the fridge. Hang a week if given another boil after three days. It should always be at hand, because it is the best resource to flavor dishes and for flavor, either to make a rice, soup, pasta, warm stew or ratatouille, etc.

The broth made clean paste fasting helps wine and drink. It was widely used by laborers to warm as the cold creeps, a cup of clear broth with breadcrumbs is a very appropriate medicine. It is often used to give the pregnant at the time of giving birth to be refilled quickly from their ailments. Finally, notice that since its simplicity is a source of wealth.

Recipe 2: Veal stew

In a pan take a good splash of virgin olive oil, and in it brown the chopped veal. Brown slowly and sparingly, do not pile it in the oil to prevent it burns. Once gold, add chopped onion, a clove of garlic and red pepper, will also be a carrot. Incorporate the Clean broth with a splash of brandy or wine and simmer until the broth is added.

The leftovers can be sautéed a cup of rice, two of broth, and we have prepared food for two days.

Recipe 3: Veal Tacos cooked in cider

In a pan with virgin olive oil sauté meat chopped and reserve in a bowl.

In the same oil cook an onion, a clove of garlic, a red pepper and a couple of carrots. As the cider adds an acidic and sweet carrots, balance their flavor can sting a little petite diced ham.

Once poached vegetables add the meat and covered with cider. Boil over low heat until the liquid is reduced.

Recipe 4: Shank to the Galician

The shank is a gelatinous muscle inside. You must always be built over. Boil in plenty of water and simmer, time needed. Again we must remember that the traditional cuisine is not to hurry. The risk of leaving a pan to the fire for two hours is minimal. You can exploit this to develop a broth cooking, if you add a ham bone.

Once cooked the shank is sliced into medallions, sprinkle with sweet pepper, or cayenne, and watered thoroughly with Virgin Olive Oil. Served with Boiled Potatoes and Vegetables cooked well.

They are also medallions in flour and egg batter and fry in a pan.

Recipe 5: Shank in Juice

It takes the entire shank. In a pan put a splash of olive oil, an onion, a clove of garlic and some parsley. Pour a glass of wine and one of water. Cover the pot and let it simmer for an hour and a half, depending on the size of the hock. Once tender is withdrawn, pass the sauce through a blender and serve hot sprinkled with hock their own sauce.

Recipe 6: Shank to the Planter

Cut the shank is medium medallions and season to taste entirely. They are placed in a deep dish and marinate the day before processing. When you add wine marinated, chopped garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.

Next day is drained and dried with paper towels. Medallions are browned, onions are added and covered everything with juice marinade. Cook for an hour and half. Chop some potatoes and mix with few peas. The whole is cooked until the potatoes al dente. When everything is cooked, let it rest for the potatoes absorb the leftover juice and serve.

Recipe 7: Loin with Mushrooms

In a saucepan low and, ideally, oval to fit the whole tenderloin tape, it becomes a base of oil and brown the tenderloin on all sides, creating a scab. In the same fat brown an onion, a carrot and a clove of garlic, all finely chopped . Place the tenderloin on top and deglaze with some wine and a splash of broth. Flip it to the back past twenty minutes. In a separate pan, sauté the mushrooms (either mushrooms or oyster mushrooms) with a little chopped ham. Serve quickly to the table and enjoy your meal!

Recipe 8: Steak with Cheese

Salt steaks with oil. In a frying pan with a drop of only virgin olive oil grill the steak, seared and little time on each side, the time needed.

Once browned, steaks are placed in an ovenproof dish and put a slice of cheese on top of the same thickness as the steak.

It is introduced into the oven for five minutes at high heat (220 ° C), until cheese is melted. Serve very hot.

Recipe 9: Stifle Booklets with Artichokes

Cut very thin fillets stifle in book form and crush with a rolling pin. Flour them and arrange them in a nonstick pan with a poor basis Virgin Olive Oil and brown over high heat on both sides. Add a splash of wine, lower the heat and let the alcohol evaporate . Peel and clean the artichokes and sprinkle lemon juice so they do not turn black. After a while the artichokes are added to the booklets and a glass of clean broth. Boil covered everything together for about ten minutes and serve.

Recipe 10: Breaded Fillets

The steaks should be fine, also can crush with a stone or a mallet. Once seasoned convenience to go through bread crumbs and egg. If repeats the operation, breadcrumbs and egg again, you will create a thicker crust. After putting in the pan, serve. You can also serve with mashed potatoes, with all kinds of vegetables: peas , green beans, fried green peppers, roasted red peppers or just with a salad.

Recipe 11: Meat Pie

In a mixing bowl mix half kilo of flour with yeast, purchased at any supermarket, with a glass of warm water. Once the dough is bound cover with a damp cloth and let it ferment. When tested increases (enter one finger, and when it returns to the original form and is prepared). If instead of water is added a gaseous mass is much fluffier. If we fail to raising flour is easy fixed. It takes a bit of hard bread and gets into water. It melts and mixture to the flour. In another bowl chop an onion, a red pepper, a bit of bacon. You add the minced meat and stir everything. Throw Virgin Olive Oil and a little paprika or food coloring. On a flour dusted table extends a layer until the dough is thin. On it is poured the mixture of ground beef and extends well until smooth. It is covered with another layer of dough and seal edges . We introduce the preheated oven for three quarters of an hour. Were removed and swabbed with Virgin Olive Oil.

Recipe 12: Ground Beef Medallions

They are made with ground beef medallions. Add flour and brown lightly on both sides in a skillet with a little olive oil. The salt to taste and set aside. Each medallion is available on a slice of mozzarella. It gets to a simmer. You can also add a little tomato sauce. When the cheese is melted it's time to serve because the medallions are already ready.

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2 Reviews about Recipes with Galician Organic Veal
on 31/08/2015
Hmm...I know a lot of people like veal, and these recipes sound super tasty, I just can't get over the fact of how these animals are harvested. Not that harvesting adult cows is any better, but there are some ethical issues here. But the recipes do look good...
on 06/10/2013

Very good recipes but still I think that they are a little bad explained or I have just lost the sign of what you were saying but anyway, thanks for sharing but I am not sure if I can get this ingredient and probably it is very expensive too!

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