Recipes of hydrating, repairing and nourishing juices for the skin Saft Rezepte für die Ernährung, Pflege und Reparatur der Haut Recetas de jugos hidratantes, reparadores y nutritivos para la piel

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Recipes of hydrating, repairing and nourishing juices for the skin

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Recipes of hydrating, repairing and nourishing juices for the skin

The heat of summer and regular sun exposure are environmental factors that make our skin suffer, which, besides taking care with a good sunscreen, a good rest and drinking plenty of water, we must take care of all those foods that will help you avoid getting dehydrated and dry, and avoid all kinds of diseases such as premature wrinkling, skin rash, sticks, fades skin, allergies, stains, sagging and other ailments.

These juices are designed with an aesthetic and therapeutic purpose, so you must take them in the time proposed and not mixed with any fruit. Do not strain, it is best to drink slowly chewing very well if contains pulp. This will allow you to maximize all the benefits of vegetables and have a healthy and beautiful skin.

NOTE: All juices must be made in the juice extractor, except those mentioned otherwise. They should not be sweetened with any sweetener. We should not add lemon unless otherwise indicated.

Juice to repair and reaffirm skin

Time recommended for better use: in the afternoon, 1 hour after eating.


  • 2 carrots
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • 1 handful of alfalfa
  • 1 slice of beet


  1. Wash all ingredients with a brush, soap and water.
  2. Pass in the juice extractor.

Mix well.
Serve in a large glass and enjoy this delicious juice.

Green juice to nurture and heal skin

Recommended Time: fasting


  • 1 cucumber with peel
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 1 handful of alfalfa
  • 1 garlic


  1. Wash the cucumber well, split and remove seeds
  2. Transfer all the vegetables in the extractor.

Fruit juice for cleaning skin

Recommended Time: fasting



  1. Wash the fruit well and mix everything in blender.
  2. Drink without straining, very slowly.

NOTE: if you drink this juice for a month in a row, you will notice positive changes in the total health of your skin.

Aloe juice to regenerate, soften and heal skin

Recommended time: in the morning, fasting.


  • Half cup of aloe juice
  • Juice of two fresh lemons
  • One tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll
  • One cup of blueberries, or a slice of pineapple, guava or two, well washed
  • A teaspoon of royal jelly


Mix all in blender and drink without straining.
NOTE: Take this juice fasting, daily, is excellent to deal with any disorder of the skin. You can toggle this with the last juice.

Juice for debugging and rejuvenating the skin

Recommended Time: Half day with an empty stomach.


  • One cup of alfalfa sprouts
  • One cup of sprouted soybean
  • 1 cup of fresh carrot juice (freshly squeezed)
  • One teaspoon of pollen
  • A teaspoon of chlorophyll
  • A bit of honey


  1. Blend all this with two glasses of water.
  2. Drink slowly, without strain.

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2 Reviews about Recipes of hydrating, repairing and nourishing juices for the skin
on 20/11/2014
Mmm. That green juice sounds really good. I'm curious to try it because it has all of these super tasty ingredients, and then a clove of garlic is thrown in. I wonder if that wouldn't make the smoothie taste a little strange? I guess it's not very often that you hear of using garlic in smoothies, and it sounds like it wouldn't be that good...
on 04/07/2013
Hello! It?s summer here and we need to change our diets a little bit to hold the heat and keep on going with the daily activities, so including juices is a good choice because they keep you hydrated and are easy and fast to make so I think this is the best change to make!

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