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Food Therapy


How to cook foods with therapeutic properties, healthy meals based on recipes that help fight various diseases and illness. How to eat healthy and good.

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Take advantage of Herbal Remedies in your cooking

It is well known that plants and herbs provide us benefits; each plant has different properties and are those edible that besides being able to be used to cure any illness or disease we can take to pr...

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3 Salad Recipes: Eating with colours

Salads are one of the most varied dishes that we eat because we can include great variety of ingredients and create many combinations, a great way to get proper combinations and utilize the nutrients ...

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5 Juices to combat indigestion

The feeling of heaviness, abdominal pain, distension, usually is present when we have large meals rich in fat. Some people may feel indigestible to the consumption of foods such as milk and vegetables...

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Smoothie recipes for weight loss

Unlike juices, smoothies are also a source of protein because they contain milk; they are ideal for breakfast if you do not have time for it and some combinations may be helpful for weight loss.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 70 articles) 1 
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