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5 Reasons why you might feel hungry

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5 Reasons why you might feel hungry

Your diet leaves you feeling empty and can’t understand why? Maybe you have to consider increasing fiber intake or protein, and drinking lots of water; these are the classic strategies that help fight hunger. But if everything else fails, what should you do when you still have an intense craving to eat something?

That's when you need to take a look at your lifestyle and determine if any of the reasons could explain that hunger you experience.

1. Excessive cardiovascular exercise

Multiple studies in recent years have suggested that cardiovascular exercise is an effective way to suppress and control hunger. However, a recent study suggests that appetite may be better controlled by exercise when it’s done in moderation with proper diet. But if you're chained to the cardio machines for hours at a moderate intensity, you may feel even hungrier.

Other recent studies have reinforced the idea that high intensity workouts do not stimulate appetite dramatically.

Of course, not all cardio workouts are the same. A recent study, for example, suggests that swimming can have a tendency to stimulate appetite in the hours after exercise.

2. Lack of sleep

It isn’t a secret that sleep deprivation can harm your performance in training and on the day's activities in general, but also can affect how well you can stick to your diet plan.

The less you sleep, the more you put yourself at risk of uncontrollable hunger. Probably do not need a scientific study to tell you that if you feel tired and grumpy after a bad night's sleep, it will be difficult to maintain a positive attitude about diet.

3. View tempting food during your diet

Speaking of temptation, it is not new that to be exposed to foods that are delicious, will makes us have appetite. The food that we see in the pictures, in television commercials, the Internet, or on the desktop of your co-worker can create hunger in us. Smell is another powerful hunger stimulant. If you walk into a room filled with the aroma of a delicious meal, do not be surprised if your stomach starts to rumble.

A recent study found that people who struggled with weight control in the past are particularly susceptible to the temptation caused by exposure to food. If this describes you, do your best to build a wall to protect you!

4. Time of Day

Most of us have been conditioned to be hungry at typical mealtimes: in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon. But if you change your habits, do not be surprised if you suffer hunger while doing a diet. This can be especially serious if those around you are eating, since hunger can be socially active.
The good news is that your body is able to adapt, but you will feel hungry in the process, until you do it.

5. Take your food in liquid forms

The meals that include protein and low carbohydrates have been shown to help control hunger and increase the feeling of fullness after a meal, but take it in liquid form may not be as effective.

If you are taking a glass, instead of using a knife and fork, you should note that solid proteins are more effective in suppressing appetite than powder concentrates, or even milk can be used as a source of protein.

The protein-based supplements can be useful, but perhaps not the best choice if you're looking to feel satisfied.

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3 Reviews about 5 Reasons why you might feel hungry
on 26/07/2014
I find, from personal experience, that regular exercise is actually the best way to keep hunger under control. I used to be a competitive cyclist, and now I stick to running, but I find that even when training at super high volumes every week, my hunger levels were more adequately suited to caloric need. When we just sit around, we tend to mentally get hungrier, and crave nastier foods, whereas when working out intensely, the body craves what it needs. i.e. fresh foods. Most "normal" people don't train hard enough to push their body into over-drive caloric consumption.
on 10/11/2012
I started working out on a gym to control my weight, but after a couple of weeks I stopped losing weight and it?s because I eat a lot more than before. The gym assistant told me I?m gaining weight because of the muscle mass, but I notice the difference in my stomach. I should try some of these advices to stop eating so much.
on 09/11/2012
Im not agree with this because I used to had a problem with my appetite so i went to a nutricionist, he recomended me to eat most of the meals with water like soups because they make me feel empty, isnt that true?

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