Make your dreams come true! Learn how to succeed in life Verwirklichen Sie Ihre Träume! Lernen Sie erfolgreich zu sein ¡Haz realidad tus sueños! Aprende a triunfar en la vida

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Make your dreams come true! Learn how to succeed in life

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Make your dreams come true! Learn how to succeed in life

The triumph is something different for each one of us; however, we rarely consider that it is something that is within our reach. Achieving victory certainly require effort, however, it doesn’t need to be difficult and unattainable, in fact the most important part is to focus on what you want and make a plan to get it.

Even though to be successful you must make some sacrifices, you do not need to have much stress, or distress, or work more than you want. Young people who begin their studies have time to correct this belief that has defined the lives of several generations.

You can reach your goals in a more relaxed and positive way. We are all capable of creating the life we deserve, especially young people taking the first step.

Find your vocation

Do not choose a job only for the salary or position they offer, because eventually you will only want to run away. Ask yourself: What would I like to be doing in five years? Visualize it, and you will have a clearer model for the reason you came to the world.

Dare to dream

Although we often underestimate the dreamers, they bring great ideas. Imagine the best scenario for your life in detail.

Ask yourself purposes

Turn your dream into real goals. Every detail becomes a target you want. Make a list of no more than ten objectives and set your priorities.


Do one short plan for each of your goals. By following your common sense, write the logical steps you have to take to comply. No major strategies are needed to achieve the goals, but use your intuition to make them as practically possible. You must ask yourself what you must do to achieve your goals and the simple answer is your plan of action.

Accept the doubts and fears

The reality indicates that only 10 percent of what the inner voice of fear tells us can happen. Identify your fears, being blamed, being mistreated, or failure, may be the most common fears. Always ask yourself what's the worst thing that can happen. Once you solve that question, try to find a solution, and face your fears. When you stop feeling gripped by fear, you will release the emotion and fear will lose strength.

Write affirmations

Put your mind at your service. Since identifying fear, build a sentence of the opposite. For example, if you fear rejection, write: "I’ll be easily accepted." Whenever you feel fear, take a deep breath and repeat this affirmation in your mind. There are always opportunities, but you only begin to see them when you overcome your doubts and fears.


Everyone wins when we share what we know. Associate with people who are in the situation, as well as those who are a few steps forward and those who will come after.

Share, be supportive, and knowing that interacting is key to shorten your path.

Do not be afraid to fail

Think that failure is a necessary ingredient to the road to success, not an end. Failures are opportunities to learn a lesson that we will need later. The only real failure is to abandon your dreams.


Several times a day, take five minutes to discharge negative energy. Breathe, take a walk, listen to soft music, or just be silent. Do not try to have everything under control. The dream actually becomes true in its own course. Do what you have to do and show yourself confident.

Never lose sight of your dream, if you crave something, have a positive attitude always. Sometimes we can turn off and focus on other situations, losing sight of our dream. When you do what you want, it is done with joy and although there will always be obstacles to overcome problems, embrace your dream, only you are able to make it happen.

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2 Reviews about Make your dreams come true! Learn how to succeed in life
on 03/07/2014
So I've always sort of been a "hater" of articles with self-promotional titles such as "learn how to do such and such", "make people do this and that". For the most part they seem a bit manipulative, but I think this article does a really good job of capturing down-to-earth, honest-to-goodness experiences, and the wisdom with which to accept them. Nicely done.
on 12/03/2013
Very beautiful and rich article, it can teach us a lot of thing about ourselves and how to overcome fears that can trap us in suffering and problems, it?s true, if you follow your dreams and you do what you really want to do, then you won?t be bad for anything, since you are doing things for a good purpose, which is to be fulfilled in your own life

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