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Rashes: natural remedies to combat, eradicate and prevent

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Rashes: natural remedies to combat, eradicate and prevent

The skin rash may appear suddenly and in different parts of the body, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as itching, fever, or burning. Indeed, any bump on the skin can be treated with natural medicines, you only need the patience of not wanting to eradicate them quickly and give your body the time needed to be debugged, restored and self-balanced.


  • Inflammation of the skin surface with blotches of color either red, white or color with clearly defined edges
  • Bumps may enlarge and unite with each other to form flat areas but higher skin and protruding like islands.
  • Sometimes can change shape and turn on and off intermittently in minutes or hours.
  • Itching
  • Depending on the cause of the rash, it can cause itching, skin dryness or burning.

Types of rashes

Reddish rashes: these are due to immune disorders, i.e., weaknesses and imbalances in the body's defense system. These rashes are usually colored and swollen, and can appear anywhere in the body. Usually, this type of rash talks of an allergy in the body (or a hypersensitive defense system), either to medications, food or an element in the environment. When rashes are caught in the face, especially around the lips and eyes, or hands, feet or neck, is called angioedema. However, can appear in legs, buttocks, abdomen or back.

Small, whitish rashes: This type of noodle rash usually produces itching and dry skin and is usually caused by states of nervousness or prolonged stress, or poor nutrition.

Allergies and rashes

One of the most common causes of the appearance of rashes is due to allergies. When you are allergic to any substance, the body releases histamine and other chemicals into the bloodstream, causing itching, swelling and other symptoms such as rashes, which is the reaction that many people have when the immune system does not respond adequately, and defends itself of even those substances that pose no harm in healthy people.

Causes of allergies

Intoxicated organism: a diet high in refined sugars, dairy and animal fats can eventually cause many toxins in the body than as saturate the intestines and blood of harmful toxins and adhesions, causing the immune system weaken, drain and run unevenly. Faced with a glut of toxic elimination pathways are not sufficient, so the skin starts to resent these effects by many ways (dermatitis, rash, hives, etc.). These skin reactions are the main ways the body warns that this is unbalanced due to an inadequate diet.

Emotional stress: This is another of the main causes of appearance of rashes. The states of anxiety, irritation, rejection or dislike, being very nervous or constantly defensive are emotional causes of the appearance of hives, rashes and allergies. These emotions also create strong internal tension that erodes and weakens the immune defenses.

The constant taking of medications also considerably weakens the body's immune system and self-healing ability.

Factors which may trigger the onset of rashes

When the body has weak immunology, emotions or anything, then some elements of the environment may trigger the onset of rash. These elements include:

  • Contact with the hair of some animals like the cat
  • Medications
  • Makeup
  • Pollen
  • Contact or exposure to dust
  • Consumption of some foods like shellfish, pork, milk, nuts, etc.

Other causes of rashes appearing:

  • Intense or excessive exposure to cold or the sun may cause hives and rashes.
  • Stings of animals
  • Stress, before exams, work pressure or any kind of pressure.
  • The excessive sweating.
  • Some diseases such as lupus or other autoimmune disorders.
  • Infections such as mononucleosis.
  • Viruses as measles, smallpox, chickenpox, and so on.

Natural Remedies to control and eradicate them

Sometimes the rash may come and go quickly and even for themselves. Other times, the persist or appear in different places, while other times they are due to roadblocks or viral diseases, and are accompanied by other symptoms. Anyway, the following tips should be valued, for though concerned, for example, a mild rash or hives announces that there is something in the body that must be addressed.

To reduce itching and inflammation:

  • Do not shower with hot water; it should be warm.
  • Do not use tight-fitting clothing over the area of the rash.
  • Try not to take antihistamines as far as possible; in the case of allergies, these should be addressed mainly from food. Concentrate mainly on your diet, for a time eliminate refined sugars and derivatives, milk (and products) and animal meats, which cause many toxins in the body and clog intestines and blood of impurities, which predisposes you to the allergies and hives.
  • If suddenly red rashes appear on your legs, arms, abdomen or buttocks, immediately remove the food mentioned above from your diet for 5 days, and drink two or three cups of green tea a day, as well as a glass of carrot juice; dinner 2 fresh apples before you go to bed, but not combine the apples with your dinner or any other food, they must be eaten on an empty stomach, so dinner half an hour before eating apples. After these 5 days, you must reduce consumption of eliminated foods and increase consumption of those recommended.
  • Drink during the day one liter of pure water with a tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll dissolved.
  • To purify your body, you can start a purifying diet or take in the morning and fasting a clove of raw garlic with a little warm water and do not eat anything for the next 20 minutes. Garlic is an excellent bactericide, strengthens defense system and helps self-healing capacity of the body. Increase fresh vegetable juices and no animal fats for a while.
  • To relieve itching, apply over the rash milk or some aloe gel or cream, lemon juice, crushed garlic or plasters. It also serves sprinkle cornstarch and powdered bean, especially in the case of measles or smallpox.

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4 Reviews about Rashes: natural remedies to combat, eradicate and prevent
on 22/08/2014
I used to work in a medical clinic, and I would always say (and felt) that the most disgusting of all conditions were skin conditions. They are contageous, gross, and literally, make your skin crawl. I hate the feeling of being itchy all over, you can't stop thinking about it, and want to jump out of your skin. Thanks for the advice and words of wisdom.
on 04/05/2014
That comment under here is like what? ware you for real I wouldlike to help her but I don't understand it very well...

talking about rashes, I would opt for consult the doctor before anything else..

on 05/05/2013
Hey, my son had presented some of these symptoms and I wasn?t sure if we could be prone to any allergy to food and maybe he is, because I have tested some of the products mentioned before and he presented rashes, well there is a cure for that? I mean, if you consume these ?bad? food for a while, does your body adequate to this? Just asking?
on 30/10/2011
my problem fits exactly in the catagory of inflamation of skin, blothches of red sometimes white, ITCHING and burning sensation. I am taking anthihistamine and at times it calms down, and then for nooo reason, it acts up again, HORRIBLE!!!... my skin feels like cardboard and I don't know what else to put (have tried lots of body creams and nothing) it looks super wrinkle, SUPER DRY, and HARSH... the itching is controlled like I said at times... BUT DESPERATE OF FEELING MY SKIN INSIDE MY MUSCL LEGS AND ARMS~~~ NO ITCHING BUT LIKE CARDBOARD MY STOMACH AND TORAX AREA....NONE IN MY BACK... PLEASE suggest a cream that can moisturize my skin WITHOUT MAKING IT WORSE!!!... (SOMEONE SUGGESTED JUST OLIVE OIL) HAVEN'T DONE IT YET, TRULY I AM AFRAID!............. I HAVE BEEN UNDER ALOT OF STRESS DEFINITELY, BUT SOME FOODS I DO BELIEVE TRIGGER IT!!!!... THANK UUUUU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP~... TRULY TRULY DESPERATE!!!! I AM TAKING EVERY 8 HRS. ''ATARAX'' JUST STARTED, AFTER TRYING ALL KINDS.. AND GOT A SHOT ALSO, CAUSE IT GOT SOOOOOOOOO BAD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, ''DIPROSPAN HYPAK.... AND ''EURAX'' CREAM FOR ITCHING.. THANKS AGIAN.... PLEASE HELP....

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