Rapid healing and the law of reversion Schnelle Heilung und das Gesetz des Rückschlags La cura rápida y la ley de la reversión

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Rapid healing and the law of reversion

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Rapid healing and the law of reversion

What patient would not love to get up tomorrow, with no pain, no irritation or discomfort, and return to work, study, at parties, to do thing like dancing, eating whatever, etc..?

The quick cure is something that appeals to anyone with any type of condition, however, this type of instant remedies that promise us great results often must be assessed carefully, because you have to take into account that the disease is due to an imbalance in many ways, numbing a symptom  to deprive us of the effects is not to cure, is to cover or disguise something, well, maybe we feel good for a moment or a few days, we can even rely on these remedies for years, but in the long run, we have what is called the law of reversion.

What is the law of reversion?

It is the effect that occurs when the disease has simply been "disguised", "asleep" or "controlled" by a certain time, and suddenly this is often presented with new symptoms of more serious or different, including, the disease may recur with a new "name" and a new symptom, often without apparent reason. Suddenly comes a relapse and you say “What? if I just was ok! ". Law of the reversion, explains Dr. Constantine Hering, "is a law that obliges us to return to the starting point to experience the problems and faults that we did not want to face."

A real cure

Do I want to get rid of the symptoms or want to heal for real? This is one of the questions we must ask before taking any decision to restore health. If we take away the "disturbing symptoms", then no doubt you will find many wonderful remedies. If you want to heal, then your adventure may require more patience, but the result is certainly worthwhile.

To cure and eradicate the cause that leads to a condition, it is necessary to begin to understand that the disease results from an accumulation of habits and ways of thinking and acting in our lives. A disease "appears not just because". Taking responsibility for our disease is to understand that somehow we have been stirring. And this responsibility is a very powerful weapon, because if we have caused this to us, we too can eradicate it. No matter how bad things may be or how the body has accumulated. It is always possible to replace if you have the attitude and knowledge to do so.

Some may ask: What about small children who get sick? Did they also cause the disease? And what if I, for example, I was born with a condition?

If we consider that every life experience is a source of learning and discovery, then no matter how, when and where we have acquired the disease. The thing to consider is a grander vision, one that tells us that our Mother Nature has put us in "that way" because somehow there is something very valuable that we have to discover when we live. However, if we avoid the path for easy shortcuts, then maybe we will get the reward wont’ come. We should get to the point of the case, change the attitude about what we suffer and to dare to explore new ways of living and thinking. Thus we find that treasure we're looking for, be with health, freedom, joy, or whatever.

How can we expect the Treasure if we do not know how to find it?

The treasure of health, as stated by Dr. Jensen, in his book Nature has the cure (editorial Yug), says that "health is not something that is earned, is something that is learned." And the law of cure said that all healing must come from the center of yourself to out, and not vice versa. To truly heal, we must begin to consider, from eating habits and attitudes of life, to the way as we speak and respond to the various situations of life.

Fortunately, there are now many alternative therapies that address not treat diseases, but human beings. The holistic approach of medicine that flourishes in these hard times is trying to restore the balance that has been lost between what is man, his creative nature and his philosophy and way of life.

This undoubtedly is a slower process, an adventure that explores the depths of the human being and his reasons for living, also drawing on natural remedies, exercise, proper breathing, feeding, etc, that help the person to be integrated naturally it is, and restore harmony and well-being not only physical but spiritual, mental and emotional ways.

During this process, the person must pass through what is known as a healing crisis, which is the time where the body really is refined and discard all that was stuck and running with disabilities. At this time the symptoms seem worse, but when the process is well guided by a professional, is a very appropriate time to get rid of all that prevents health.

Resetting new balance is what makes the real cure and returns will to live, to explore and be happy. This is what gives us courage to run, create and participate with new attitudes in life.

Evading the powerful responsibility of our healing does not take us to a free nor enjoyable destination. However, everyone is free to decide where you want to go; after all, nature is so noble that even allows us the luxury to choose what to do with our bodies and our lives. 

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3 Reviews about Rapid healing and the law of reversion
on 22/08/2014
I totally and completey believe that we do not have to be ill or sickly. I read a book by Deepak Chopra called "perfect Health", and he depicts an image of health with no ailments, that can be acheived if we become conscious, aware, and responsible for our health. I think it's so true, that we cause our own diseases, and if we only have the information (that is out there) about how to be truly healthy...
on 01/06/2014



on 01/04/2013
Nice words, it?s so good to read something that encourage you to try new things in life and this way, avoid getting sick and illness, some people says that everything is in the mind and you can control you body feelings and sensations, just like that, it?s your body so you control it, with your mind you can cure, destroy or create, just keep this on your mind.

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