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Beautify your hands for these Holidays

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Beautify your hands for these Holidays

With hand we salute, caress, write, paint, dance, play and explore textures. With our hands we make a number of tasks and, in addition let us to express affection and tenderness, and help us to discharge our anger, anxiety, nervousness, and so on. Care for the hands should not be at the side ever since to express our affection and appreciation with little care is to have a harmonious relationship with a part of our body which is always there to give selfless service.

So if you have your hands dry with damaged fingers, if your nails are bad and you do not want to show them more exhausted, you only need little time to consent. Even if your hands are in good condition, most of them never get good attention. Here are some tips on holiday, do not hesitate to give a good handshake to all those people you love.

Dry Hands 

The skin on your hands is tough, but is also very sensitive to climate, to detergents, soaps and to others. Dry hands need first of all a good hydration, and here we give you a little routine to do it as much as you can, especially if you're in frequent and direct contact with corrosive substances such as soap, paint, detergents, etc.

  • Wash your hands well with water or pure mineral.
  • Warms bath in a cup of water with two tablespoons of apricot, two of coconut oil and a tablespoon of beeswax scraper.
  • Allow to cool and add 3 tablespoons of Aloe gel and 5 capsules of vitamin E oil
  • Spread this mixture into your hands, preferably at night, and save it in the fridge and apply morning and every time you wash your hands.
  • If you buy products to take care of your hands, prefer unrefined petroleum and camphor.

Hands with hang-nail or nail biting

Hands with hang-nail are synonymous with dryness or bad habits such as nail-biting or pulling the nail by nervousness or anxiety, which damages the edge of the nail. Furthermore, dry nails warn of a deficiency of silicon in the diet. But do not worry. If your fingers have this problem, I give you some very useful tips.

  • Apply the previous routine whenever you can.
  • After showering, the skin of your hands is wet and very soft. Seize this moment to release hang-nails slowly around the nail and for cutting and smoothing your nails.
  • After this, apply almond oil on your hands.
  • Nailbiting is a habit, much like smoking or drinking alcohol. But do not feel bad about doing it , you should take into account that these habits have a synonym that you feel anxious or nervous and not know what to do with that. If you try to stop bite your nails because, if not more so, it will get difficult if do not discover what causes you to feel this anxiety. So every time you find doing this, check that you are doing uneasy feeling that you're concerned about, and try to become a good friend to yourself, and looking for ways to feel calm and at peace.
  • Try once or twice a week to spread a little avocado with garlic (make a paste of three tablespoons of crushed garlic and avocado) on your nails and fingers. This will greatly strengthen your nails and make them shine.
  • Include in your diet foods high in silicon such as celery and milk or goat cheese. Do not forget to eat foods rich in vitamin C and natural oils like avocado, nuts, almonds, pistachios and olive oil.
  • If your nails have large white half-moons, this means that is well oxygenated and nourished skin. Conversely, if there is no crescent or this looks yellow, you need to remove from your diet, refined breads, sugar and canned goods, and consume more fresh produce, especially leafy greens.

Stained hands

Stains on the hands can be caused by many factors: dryness, hormonal changes, disease, poor circulation, lack of certain vitamins (white spots indicate calcium deficiency), inherited moles, excessive sun exposure, and so on. Some stains, such as moles or those caused by disease, are not possible removal by external means as requiring a deep inner balance. However, nothing is impossible and here we give you some tips for you to match as closely as possible the color of your skin:

  • Try to eat as healthy as possible, as imbalances in your body talk of skin. Include fresh foods and containing calcium, such as almonds, and other oilseeds. Do not forget to make vegetable juices so your body is well mineralized.
  • Use cream or soap to give your skin a more even tone.
  • Give sunbathing and mud or clay mask on your skin to feed.
  • Stress and anxiety cause internal imbalances that manifest themselves in many ways, including spots on the skin.

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1 Reviews about Beautify your hands for these Holidays
on 12/09/2014
Even though I'm reading this outside of the parameter of "the holidays", it still is a relevant and very all-inclusive article. I work in the garden a lot, so I end up getting my hands and finger nails all mucky. I'm currently using that organge scrub that comes in the big industrial size jar, but I'll try your avocado and garlic remedy, and see if that works better.

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