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Make your Feet perfect for the summer

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Make your Feet perfect for the summer

After being hidden all winter, our feet need a little tuning to be able to look perfect with our favorite sandals.

In addition, they have troubles especially during summer because of heat and abrasion, so it is necessary to pamper and care. They are an important part of our body, and often are overlooked.

The pedicure

Care is vital to our feet. Do it at least once a month.

Put your feet in warm water adding before a bit of soap and oil of rosehip and Noni, stay that way for 15 minutes, and then dry your feet carefully.

Do not forget to plant and heels.

Cut your nails straight and square. Do not cut too extreme, since it can grow to dig into the skin of the finger, which is very sensitive. If you need to use a file, use one of cardboard, the metal is too hard.

Remove back cuticles with a stick, but do not cut them or will grow more.

If you are going to paint nails, do not forget to apply a layer of colorless nail polish before the final. So it will be easier to withdraw after a few days and avoid the yellow nail.

Other care for the feet

If your your feet tend to swell by heat, it is important that every night you do a massage with up and down circular motion, trying to put the feet on high during the night by placing a pillow under the mattress, the next day will be like new.

To avoid an excessive sweating, so uncomfortable in the summer, just put them in a bowl with warm water with salt and a few drops of essential oil of Aloe.

If you have very dry skin, apply a massage with a moisturizer and sleep all night with socks without removing the product.

If you have cuts or grazes, use a portion of Tepezcohuite ointment, this will heal without leaving any signs.

When the sunbathing, do not forget to put sunscreen on the entire surface of the foot, including soles. Often they burn because we forget that feet are so exposed as the rest of our body.

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1 Reviews about Make your Feet perfect for the summer
on 16/09/2014
My mother in law loves getting pedis. She used to take me every time they came to visit, but we don't go anymore because I've actually done some research on the chemicals most of those places use, and it doesn't look good. It also smells atrocious in those places, and I can't help but think about all the brain cells I'm killing just by breathing that air.

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