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Put an end to Fatigue with your Diet

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Put an end to Fatigue with your Diet

If you feel tired and cannot make it through the day, it is likely that the reason is your food, and making a few small changes could end this discomfort.

Through a balanced diet, we can increase our energy levels; a good control of blood glucose (even if you are not diabetic) is one of the main tools to avoid burnout.

Basic rules in your diet to avoid fatigue

Do not jump meal times: Food is fuel for our body work properly, if we omit one meal, this affect our daily performance. The ideal is to eat 5 times a day, keeping in mind that are 3 main meals and two snacks.

Include complex carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy, and food rich in these are needed to raise the levels of serotonin in the brain, which is associated with better mood. The recommended foods are fruits, potatoes, preferably whole grains.

Avoid refined sugars: Although these give us a sense of energy, they are absorbed fairly quickly, which increases the blood glucose levels but also stimulates insulin production, favoring the increase of melatonin, a hormone that is related to the dream.

Avoid fatty foods: Meals and preparations rich in fat take longer to digest, which causes us a sense of heaviness and drowsiness.

Avoid the use of stimulants or caffeine: Although coffee is reputed to give us energy, this is not necessarily so, consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and sodas can actually make us feel weak after their effect happens. Avoid consumption, especially in the evenings.

Foods to fight fatigue

Dark Chocolate: Preferably with a percentage of 70% cocoa or more. Several studies have shown that it is rich source of antioxidants, which protect brain cells from aging.

Avocado and vegetable oils: are a source of healthy fat in our diet, it was found that a low-fat diet can contribute to feelings of anxiety and frustration.

Blue Fish: Tuna, sardines, salmon and other oily fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which have many benefits, among which are its anti-inflammatory effect, reducing general and brain inflammation. Some studies have linked low levels of these types of fat to depression.

Strawberries: They are rich in fiber, avoiding absorbing sugars quickly, maintaining stable levels of blood glucose, thus allowing you to feel better emotionally.

Egg: This is a food rich in vitamin B and choline, the latter is involved in the proper functioning of the central nervous system.

Milk and Yogurt: They are an excellent combination of carbohydrates and protein, making a lasting dose of energy. They also contain other nutrients like vitamin D, and tryptophan, which help us to feel better.

Foods rich in folic acid: Spinach, sunflower seeds, lentils, oatmeal, broccoli, soybeans, etc., are recommended, since diets deficient in folic acid are associated with depression.

Nuts: They are excellent food for the brain, improving concentration. They are rich in magnesium, which can reduce headaches and soothe tension.

Note: It is mentioned that there are 3 nutrients that are essential to give us lasting energy in the day, and these are vitamin C, iron and calcium, so do not forget to include them in your diet. Remember that a balanced diet is the key to good health.

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10 Reviews about Put an end to Fatigue with your Diet
on 18/02/2016
This is so true! Diet can contribute so much to the way we are feeling and so it is important to take notes of any imbalances, soreness or other signs of illness as this is the body's way of telling you that there is something wrong or it is lacking something. Quite often, a simple change in diet can alter and relieve many health complaints, it just requires a little effort that not everyone is willing to make and hence remain feeling unwell or end up developing real illnesses...
on 07/07/2014
Excellent article. We typically eat this way anyway, and we feel great. I think a key to keeping energy levels up is doing moderate exercise everyday, and maybe once or twice a week doing a workout that really, REALLY works you out. And definitely cut back on processed sugars.
on 05/07/2014
So true. and so much of this has to be a strict discipline when we're constantly surrounded with "tempting" sugary treats, or tasty savories like pizza and sandwiches. I've found all of these tips to be very true though. We've begun taking warm, baked sweet potatoes on our long bike rides instead of those packaged, sugary gel products, and not only do they taste better, but we feel SO MUCH better than when we use the gels. ...and everyone comments about how good our snack smells. :D
on 08/01/2014
The seeds are my favorite resourse to keep good furing the day and I have got really good results, I eat many seeds like sunflower and other as sesame, which are energy and they help with all they contain too, so if you want to stop the fatigue just do it now, change your diet and enjoy a different life
on 05/01/2014
I have applied all the things that you explain here in the last week and I got great results, especially by having nuts near in the snack, as they are delicious and full of good energy, so now I am not tired anymore, so I really recommend following this article to stop the fatigue in the daily life
on 30/12/2013
Thank you for helping me with my fatigue problem, it is so true that the diet plays such an important role? Well, I always believed that the rest had to do that but even if I sleep in the right way, I am still very tired, so considering that point, maybe the problem is really the diet, I have to change this as soon as possible
on 09/12/2013
That is why so many athletes use the egg in combination with other foos or supplement to maintain their levels of energy in top during the exercise or the activities, you have to keep in mind, especially if you do a lot of work or sports, those tips that this article include since then you can really enjoy a nice life full of energy
on 01/12/2013
My friend always have nmear a bag of nuts as she says they are a great source of energy but you have to be conciouss while taking them as many of them like peanuts for example, have a great caloric intake, and if the idea is just having a snack to get some energy, you should not consume those products, just a recommendation
on 29/11/2013
I think that most of the suplemments that you can buy and get at stores are made of basically the same ingredient you need from food but in a syntetized way, which is not very good for the body as for this process, the substances must have lost almost all the normal nutrients
on 24/11/2013
Most people just believe that they can fill their lack of energy by consuming chemical compounds which are sold as energy drinks or foods, this is do bad for the entire body, not only affecting the stomach but the rest of the organs, so is very important to fill this gap with natural food.

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