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Psiconatural, Center for Natural Therapy

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Psiconatural, Center for Natural Therapy

The need of humans to achieve balance between body and mind marks the way forward for the Psiconatural project. The center, led by a coordinator gathers a team of therapists and trainers within the same school, to meet their necessities through Complementary Therapies and techniques based on Traditional Oriental Medicine of ancient cultures such as China and Hindu.

Help care for your Health 

Through the Complementary Therapies and techniques based on Traditional Oriental Medicine, Psiconatural helps take care of their health and achieving the desired objectives.

The main objective of Psiconatural is maximizing the potential of each person, using the most appropriate therapies and tips for every need. This is accomplished through the use of the techniques most suitable in each case and implemented by the therapists for each discipline.

Therapy Center


Throughout our lives, we encounter situations that affect our emotions and behavior, to interfere in our daily life (family, work, friends, sexuality ......) These moments may create an imbalance between our bodies and our minds, perceived as physical symptoms such as restlessness, lack of appetite, tiredness, increased stress, including changes in our rhythm of sleep or physical discomfort without any apparent cause that leads. Clearly, emotions and thoughts can come to govern our behavior and our relationships with others and how to cope and make decisions.

The psychologists can help, guide and direct both in the personal growth and development, as in the problems, teaching skills and resources to help in different situations.


Sexuality is very important for all of the different stages of our life.

It has been and remains an issue that is not spoken in a natural way, the cost to access that information and that can affect both personally and to our relationship.

In Psiconatural, there is at your disposal a team of psychologists specializing in Sexology, to help you solve those problems related to sexuality and the couple that can affect you.


According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Shiatsu is a treatment that, by applying pressure with thumbs and palms of the hands on certain points of the body, corrects irregularities, maintains and improves health, helps to alleviate various diseases and active capacity self-agency.
It has no side effects.

The effects of Shiatsu on the body are: relaxes the skin, improves the central and peripheral circulatory system, tones the nervous and endocrine system, aid in recovery and flexibility of the musculo-skeletal system, provides the functions of the digestive system, helps relaxation and elimination of stress, helps to correct postural habits that cause disturbances.

Shiatsu-shi (shiatsu therapist) always treat the whole body. In Grenada, Psiconatural offers Shiatsu Therapists associated Apse.

Shiatsu in Pregnant

From the moment of fertilization, the woman's body undergoes continuous changes in various hormonal, structural, emotional ... These changes often lead to a series of emotional ups and downs like symptoms, sleep disturbance, appetite and nausea, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Others such as varicose veins, fluid retention, cramps, sciatica, constipation or hemorrhoids, in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

In shiatsu, from the beginning to the end, we help you to alleviate these symptoms, preparing the mind and body of the mother-balancing and stimulating the energy system, increasing your defenses, your state of relaxation and thus acting about the health of the fetus.

It is also important to receive shiatsu after birth, from 3 weeks if there have been no complications during it. Helps the pelvic girdle muscles and regain their natural position after the opening which took place during childbirth.


Since traditional Chinese medicine, we receive the knowledge needed to balance the overall energy meridians that run our bodies.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion help regulate the imbalances that occur in the energy meridians of the body, being one of the complementary techniques of greater acceptance, even in Western medicine.

Since the conviction that "the disease is an energy imbalance" in the person, is indicated in all sorts of imbalances, gaining every day more followers, demonstrated by its effects.

SOTAI: Postural Integral Reeducation

It is a natural treatment of Japanese origin based on the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese: SO = fix = TAI Body.

You can get along with other therapies and has no side effects.


Chiromassage means "massage with your hands." Has its basis and origin in the ancient techniques that have developed different cultures (European, Oriental, American ...), which assembled in Spain by Dr. Vicente Lino Garcia Ferrandiz, leading in 1943 to the Spanish School of Chiromassage.

The word refers to massage the entire operation in the press, rub or beat rhythmically and with the appropriate intensity in regions of the body, mainly muscle mass among them.


Ayurveda emphasizes prevention of disease through natural methods. Ayurvedic therapy aims to restore the balance of those basic principles (doshas), in which each person has the imbalance which causes the disease.

It translates as "life science"or "knowledge of longevity". Ayurveda is a holistic discipline, and which takes care of the person as a whole by applying treatments. In India, it were originated from the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic lifestyle, massage, yoga, nutrition and care of the inner and outer body are essential in prevention and health maintenance.

There are different types of Ayurvedic massage, although the best known in our Western culture are those in which works the whole body with oils for each specific case (Abhyangam massage), massage on the head (Champi) and work pressure points of direct action (Marmara).


It can be considered as a manual activation of the drainage of interstitial fluid through microscopic cracks in the tissues and lymph through the lymph vessels.

This technique, developed by Emil Vodde, has been studied and developed to this day by various doctors and academics from Europe Center (Grelg, Földi, Kubik and others) can, through manipulation of specific, substantial improvement in the circulation of lymphatic system.

It is therefore advisable in the case of oedematous states (swelling) of lymphatic origin (lymphedema) in support areas such as orthopedics and dermatology, treating minor swelling, edema and lymphedema (provided there is possibility of sewage) and in collaboration with relevant specialists.

Problems treated at the Center:

- Anxiety - Stress - Depression - Fears - Phobias
- Tension Physical / Emotional - social and communication skills
- Family Relationships - Sexuality - Autoestima
- School Parent


Relaxing – Bio-energetic – Stimulants

Sports - Psychosomatics – Lymph

In Psiconatural you can create your own workshop 



Personal Growth workshops

We have the need to improve some aspect of our conduct, or simply a way of being in our lives.

With these seminars for personal growth, you can achieve those goals that you are craving.

Month to month, will take a seminar taught by a qualified professional and collegiate, with over 10 years of industry experience, which also may share their concerns and questions with other classmates, and that the format we have chosen is small groups, minimum 6 maximum 12 people.


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2 Reviews about Psiconatural, Center for Natural Therapy
on 24/05/2015
How interesting! I love reading articles like this, they just get you so excited to go to a spa and get treated and healed! Not only that, but it really makes me start thinking about htings I can do at home that are as effective as the techniques described above.
on 07/07/2013
I find interesting a place like this, I mean that it combines the alternative therapies with the psychology since both studies are very related between each other and both try to understand the world of the mind, the human mind, which still is a mystery that we can?t solve.

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