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Protein shakes

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Protein shakes

There are sports or physical activities that require you to provide extra calories and protein, and this is because the intensification of the processes that release energy generated for the need for supplemental protein intake to meet increased needs. So many athletes are turning to the energy and protein supplements.

In the market, there are protein shakes of high biological value specially prepared to develop the muscles along with the daily training. The purity of protein varies in percentages and presented in pleasant flavors.

The professional and elite athletes who are subject to a physical work, due to training or sports competitions, often resort to the use of specific products for athletes to supplement their high nutritional and energy demands.

Among athletes and people doing weights exercises, they pay particular attention to hyperproteinic food in order to increase their muscle mass and recovery after a weight training session. Following an exercise session such a negative balance synthetic muscle, which protein supplements are recommended either by a commercial smooth, homemade protein-based foods (egg, soy, milk, etc. ).

Protein Supplements

The search for increased physical performance leads to athletes to consume products help increase the performance. Since the illegal substances are clearly disallowed by doping control laboratories, the emphasis has been placed with increasing emphasis on natural supplements, including protein and vitamins and minerals.

The importance of proteins and their building blocks, the amino acids in the diet of the athlete is linked to the increased needs in sports where muscle strength is important for its contribution to the development and growth of tissues, including muscle tissue.

Proteins are an energy source for athletes, and they act on the muscle and increasing strength, power, and thus performance.

How many proteins need?

A healthy person has a normal daily protein requirements of 0.8 grams / kg bw / day, while the amount you must include an athlete in the diet is more, because the muscular demands are greater.

According to the consensus of doctors and nutritionists specializing in sport, the protein requirements set out for aerobics and sports equipment, ranging from 1.2 to 1.4 grams per kilogram per day, and in sports of strength and speed, between 1 , 5 and 1.7 grams per kilogram and day, sufficient to maintain a rate of 15-17% of total calories at the expense of the proteins on the total energy to meet the demand of protein an athlete and achieve the desired effects of a balanced set of proteins.

The idea is:

  • Increasing muscle mass and strength.
  • Recovering after a workout.
  • Preventing the loss of muscle and strength that can be associated with an intense training program.

How do I prepare my shake at home?

The basic ingredients are naturally rich in protein foods such as milk, yogurt, cheeses, ice cream, milk, nuts, grains (such as soy, amaranth, quinoa), which can be combined with fruits, juice and sweeteners such as sugar, candy, jam, honey, chocolate, etc.. To increase protein, can be added a soup spoon of milk powder.


  • Milk with ice cream, nuts and chocolate or liquid caramel
  • Orange juice and vanilla ice cream
  • Plain yogurt with fruit in syrup
  • Petit suisse yoghurts and beaten with pieces of fruit
  • Concentrated milk with pineapple syrup and cream
  • Grain bread with cheese, honey and nuts

Amaranth: a source of protein

It is a cereal with multiple benefits for more than five years Amaranth was a "Food of the Gods" wrapped in the veil of the ritual, reserved for the elite, today is a quality food to everyone. Its various applications in the field of food and makes it a product of growing demand.

The nutritional benefits are very important because its protein has the best nutritional profile of the plant kingdom. Contains all the essential amino acids, including lysine, which is higher than other cereals. Contains coenzyme Q10, a cell produces energy, helps cell respiration by protecting against free radicals, improving the immune activity and the use of oxygen to improve the utilization of carbohydrates and fats.

Amaranth is an excellent alternative to raising the level of nutrients, proteins and minerals that the body needs to be in constant motion and physical activity, making it excellent for athletes.
That's why we recommend this cereal to be included in your protein shakes!

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2 Reviews about Protein shakes
on 30/05/2015
So, coming from personal experience, I do not think that protein shakes are very highly recommendable. Most people get plenty of protein (if not too much) from their daily diet. If you consume a well-rounded diet, AND protein shakes on top of it, you are bound to gain weight (in fat).
on 05/08/2013
Those recommendations look very amazing to improve the muscle mass with natural food and supplements, and shakes are also very easy to prepare, you can include almost all ingredients and depend on your taste, so I?m going to follow those advices and I hope to see results very soon thanks!

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