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Orange Properties

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Orange Properties

The orange is a citrus fruit that has healing properties because it is acidic and this acid is depurative and oxidant disinfectant (like most citrus fruits). A long list of diseases and the actions can use this juice that is also sweet and refreshing drink. The orange, lemon and tangerine citrus fruits with high calcium content, element of our blood and bones need. The orange contains high levels of citric acid, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Mainly, orange:

  • Cleans and tones the blood and all tissues, muscles and cells
  • Destroy fat and obesity, belly, cleans the skin and makes your eyes shine.
  • Disinfects blood and cure any disease such as colds, coughs, syphilis, fungal skin infections, ulcers, fever (caused by infection or toxemia), lesions with pus, and so on.
  • Regularizes the heart rhythm and is used to treat cases of tumors.
  • Clears the brain and mind helps to have a cleaner and healthier.
  • Cures mouth sores and gum.
  • Beautify hair.
  • Helps prevent and cure the sickness.
  • Helps relieve headaches.

As a therapeutic aid

  • it will help primary and most effective to purify the body quickly. Taking into account that a clean body is home to the complete health and beauty, then this property is already the largest entry of the gifts that oranges give us.
  • Due to its phosphorus content, it is recommended for all people who suffer poisoning, exhaustion, nervous weakness, insomnia, neurosis or diseases related to the nervous system. They are encouraged to consume many oranges.
  • However, Orange is also very friendly and highly effective for treating cases of sclerosis, anemia, rickets, tuberculosis and anemia.
  • It is recommended in cases of constipation, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, and so on.

For children

  • Orange contains phosphate salts, essential for the optimal development of the nervous system, especially for the stage of growth of children
  • Orange helps raise strong children, and helps prevent obesity in children. In pregnant women, it may help preventing lung injury or weakness in the new baby.
  • If the child does not eat well, we can offer fresh orange juice during the day. This, in addition to nutrition, will help reduce the appetite because the orange stimulates the digestive glands and stomach.

Orange Diet

To make the diet truly effective, it is necessary for you to try this new diet considering the following:

  • The main element of the orange is the citric acid, an element that comes from nature that causes some inconsistency with the food they are ingested simultaneously, for example, when the orange is combined with bread or milk or when combined with any vegetable.
  • It is important, as mentioned, make sure that the juice is consumed preferably only twenty minutes before eating and after eating.
  • Citric acid is destroyed with heat and air. That's why you need to prepare the juice and almost instantly consume, try to be freshly made, your effort will be significantly works.
  • Stomachs are accustomed to handle large amounts of juice. If you want to start making the diet of the orange, you need to pay attention to your stomach and see how you react.
  • Remember that often the symptoms of discomfort are indicators that your body is clearing: if you feel a little pain, diarrhea or if you feel a little upset in stomach, it is very likely that orange is cleaning from your stomach to your intestines and blood. However, it is always better to go slowly.
  • You can begin to take three glasses of juice during the day by following the directions above, and gradually increase the number of glasses until you can consume up to thirty oranges in juice in a day.
  • Instead of choosing one sweet candy, peel orange and eat. Bagasse is an excellent fiber for the stomach.
  • The orange is high in magnesium. When we start a real cleansing diet, toxins and toxic agents stored in the body are attacked directly and quickly from salts of magnesium, primers properties. It is then that the body can react in many ways, the rash, the Sabayon, the pus, the phlegm, and so on, are only indicators that toxic wastes are being eliminated everywhere. Do not stop because of this, and increases doses of orange with complete confidence.
  • The more wild and natural orange, the more the properties. An orange juice from packaging that has already lost over 95% of the properties if not all. We know those who are engaged in industry, which is why vitamins and minerals are added to their drinks. However, the diet of the orange only works with natural and fresh oranges.

Smoothie with orange

If you like variety and want to start the diet of the orange, you can create rich smoothies during the day combined as follows. You can invent your own smoothies, be careful and always use fresh citrus fruits. If you want to add some grain or seed you can try: sesame, oats, walnuts, almonds, amaranth, bran, flaxseed, etc. that are good companions of the orange.

  • Strawberries with orange
  • Pineapple with orange
  • Plums or kiwi with orange

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3 Reviews about Orange Properties
on 01/10/2015
I eat oranges almost every day, and they keep me feeling fresh inside, healthy, and even full. A lot of people look at fruits as just a small snack, but I eat simply fruit fro breakfast, and it keeps me going straight into lunch. YOu have to get it out of your mind that you need to eat heavy foods.
on 01/06/2014
I wouldlike to find and orange similar to the one in the picture, but here orange are pretty different, and those american oranges are very expensive!
on 10/11/2013
I always recommend my patients including orange juice more often, but almost all of them find the preparations tedious, and opt for buying juice already made, I always explain them the importance of the fresh fruits, but now in this world, it is hard to convince people to maintain the traditional

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