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Properties of the Ginkgo biloba

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Properties of the Ginkgo biloba

It is a tree over 30 meters tall, native of China, with more than 2000 years old. It had virtually disappeared from the Earth in its natural state until it was found in the East, in some distant gardens of temples.

A tree is highly valued, its natural habitat and environmental conditions required for growth have been destroyed over time, and would be extinct if it were not that posed in Japan and China with worship at temples and places considered sacred. Came from the east to Europe, where its cultivation and care began. Currently you can find in gardens, roundabouts and streets in many large cities.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most popular foods in the herbal medicine worldwide. The extract obtained from its leaves has in countless cases of health for centuries. The leaves of the tree are divided into two lobes, hence its name is taken Biloba. It is considered one of the most important and effective products against premature aging and deterioration of the cells that there is even more effective than the vitamin E.

This extract was mixed with other natural foods in order to optimize its extraordinary properties, so that its benefits are multiplied when, for example, Ginkgo is added to soya lecithin or garlic powder.

As one might guess, is a tree with many real properties that have been exploited in natural medicine since antiquity. Among these properties we can highlight that Gingko Biloba plants are highly beneficial for many things, but above all have great honors in the brain functions as mentioned below:

1. Ideal revitalization of brain activity.

2. It is extremely effective in protecting the neural system and invigorating the body, enhancing mental activity.

3. Plant is a noble and beneficial for the elderly, helps to stimulate and energize the power of memory (Alzheimer), confusion and disorientation due to aging.

4. Plant is a remedy to protect the brain in general. The results obtained have been spectacular, to the extent that it has been considered the most effective remedy for the concentration and the overall health of the brain.

5. Helps fight depression, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and mental blunting due to overwork, stress or concentration.

6. It is a potent antioxidant, it protects neurons from harmful effects that cause rust or damage, prevent die because these prevent the obstruction of blood supply to the brain.

Another of the uses given to this plant are:

1. Protects human beings from the harmful environmental factors
2. Actives, fortifies and revitalizes the blood and its circulation 
3. Has an anti-inflammatory action, useful for all body functions.
4 . Its fresh leaves soothe asthma. 
5. For diabetics is very effective in preventing vascular disorders characteristic of the disease since it is an excellent vasodilator. 
6. Lowers cholesterol 
7. It is widely used in cases of headache and migraine. 
8. Used in treatment of arteriosclerosis and muscle aches. 
9. Special assistant in cases of hemorrhoids, varicose veins and ulcers. 
10. Used to retard aging and protect cells from damage. 
11. Used in cases of vertigo.

How to take it?

You can buy tincture or tablets, liquid extract can be added to juices or smoothies. But you can also use the natural plant. If that is achieved, its fresh leaves can be used to make teas, juices and smoothies, or combination of tender leaf, which is an excellent remedy for the circulation. Combined with the juice of lemons is excellent for purifying the body. If you are going to use the seeds of the plant must first peel and use without coverage, the seeds are ideal for treating urinary tract infections and illnesses. Seeds can be added to liquid or juice too. If you want to provide a more efficient medical use, mix the seeds with a citrus and take the liquid in the morning and fasting. Do not take anything on the half hour that follows. You can also do this with the tincture or liquid extract. If mixed in a liter of water a little bit of Gingko Biloba with two fists of alfalfa, a little carrot and celery, and drink all afternoon (you can vary the vegetables by chayotes, parsley, lettuce, etc.), what are you is taking a powerful anti-aging elixir. 

Who can consume it?

In fact, it can be consumed by all the people, is ideal for the elderly, but certain precautions should be used in pregnant and lactating women, those suffering from hypertension or who suffer from cerebral hemorrhage. In these cases it is recommended that prior consultation with a physician naturists.

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2 Reviews about Properties of the Ginkgo biloba
on 21/09/2015
What interesting information! I love learning just more and more about Chinese medicine, it has such deep roots of wisdom. I've been very interested in Ayurvedic medicine as well, and a lot of the philosophies are quite similar. I'd love to read more articles on Chinese herbs as well.
on 28/10/2013
Very good information, this tree seems pretty important and awesome in the place of origin, and respected as well and this is serious as Chinese and Japanese respect a lot the plants that gave them benefits during all the times, so this plant should be grown with care and especially love

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