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Properties of Aloe

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Properties of Aloe

There are many properties that historically have been attributed to aloe and many studies and papers published on this wonderful plant, however, and despite being one of the plants studied the planet its potential is not yet known.

For the aloe showing its maximum biological activity is necessary demanding growing conditions, the species is correct (Aloe barbadensis Mill, and the blade is adequately treated to prevent loss of activity. These factors determine that we cannot make direct use of leaves as they are in their natural state and that we must necessarily resort to the various products of aloe that are in the market.

The aloe basal leaves are used, harvested from the adult plant of more than three years, of which two products are obtained: the ACIB and aloe gel.

ACIB: The ACIB is latex or dried exudate obtained by incising the fresh leaves, which is located immediately below the epidermis (outer layer), which is obtained by making a simple incision. The active which are mainly derived have purgative or laxative action.

Gel: The aloe gel is a clear and mucilaginous substance produced exclusively from the central parenchyma. The aloe gel contains about 99.4% water by weight. Mucilaginous polysaccharides contain responsible for water retention and activity. Should not contain appreciable amounts never anthraquinone derivatives, aloe gel, although some may be poorly processed improperly these constituents.

Aloe juice

It’s get by filtering the liquid obtained by purely physical methods of gel or whole leaf. Obviously, the safest method is to obtain the juice from the gel, but filtration systems and elimination of compounds laxatives are used, there is a risk that remains and that in turn dragging active polysaccharides. Another possibility is to dilute the juice with aloe liquid, obtaining different aloe juice, which should contain at least 50% pure aloe juice.

Aloe vera gel has been assigned many properties, including:

  • Healing activity.
  • Immunostimulatory activity, both in situations of immunodepression prevention. This action is complemented by its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity, while an effect has shown antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.
  • Cleansing and detoxifying activity.

Thanks to these properties, aloe is particularly useful in:

Problems affecting the lining of the digestive tract, in various skin diseases, inflammation and degeneration in osteoarticular and in all those situations which require an improved state of our defenses.

Color and flavor of the juice can give us an idea of the degree of naturalness of it. Its color should be almost clear or with a slight pale yellow hue. A dark yellow and / or an overly strong flavor indicating that there has been a degree of disruption or decay or which was obtained from the whole leaf. To avoid the destabilization of the product, one should use a dark container. At the time of purchasing an aloe juice should be fixed in its purity, which is given by its high content of polysaccharides in biological effectiveness in its origin and certification.

Some references of interest: Web
International Aloe Science Council:
Active Aloe:

How distinguish at a glance the quality of an aloe

If you cut a piece of aloe, you can see that the gel that holds within it is almost transparent. Aloe juice from the inner side of the leave should also have a very similar color, almost clear or a very slight pale yellow hue. A dark yellow juice tastes too strong and indicates that there has been some degree of alteration or decomposition of the juice or it has been obtained from the whole leaf (+ inner bark).

Source: Santiveri

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4 Reviews about Properties of Aloe
on 23/09/2014
I LOVE aloe vera plants!! When I was a kid I used to think my mom's aloe plants were ugly because they didn't have any pretty flowers, but now that I'm getting older I am beginning to understand why she always had one around the house. I decided a few days ago I want to get one, I just need to figure out where to buy it.
on 01/06/2014
you can get it fresh for anywhere that sells vegetables like the market, most people don't know about its good properties, so most of the times it is very cheap!
on 04/05/2014
aloe gel is refreshing, nice and has no smell actually, so it is perfect if you have some wounds, that are not soo heavy, I mean small cuts and things that doesn't require seeing a doctor
on 06/08/2013
Aloe is a good plant, very useful when talking about creams and ointments and a good addition if you want to improve your daily diet, and as well it helps in cases of cuts and scratches and even to heal things like piercings or tattoos, so its multiple uses make it one of the ideal plants

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