Promoting healthy lifestyles among citizens Förderung einer gesunden Lebensweise unter den Bürgern Potenciar hábitos de vida saludables entre los ciudadanos

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Promoting healthy lifestyles among citizens

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Promoting healthy lifestyles among citizens

Promotion of healthy lifestyle habits among the public is the main objective of the agreement signed yesterday between the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN) and Tomás Pascual Sanz Institute for Nutrition and Health. This agreement covers the field of training and research, as well as the processes of professional quality assurance.

Fostering "the best training of health professionals and facilitate the training of social security" is another of the purposes of this agreement, signed yesterday between the president of the Tomás Pascual Sanz and the SEMERGEN, Ricardo Marti and Julio Fluxá Zarco, respectively.

Under the agreement, the Institute will collaborate on activities that promote awareness of issues related to nutrition and training for primary care professionals in this area, while the SEMERGEN articulate the education, outreach, advocacy and training in healthy lifestyles.

These habits, of diet and nutrition are particularly important, as emphasized by the president of SEMERGEN. The agreement brings benefits as it creates a "commitment to the citizens" to promote and develop healthy habits, said Zarco.

Fluxá article, for its part, said "being doubly satisfied”, given the “critical influence of primary care physicians, those closest to the citizen, to promote healthy food habits." Agreement also brings a commission that has the function of implementing and monitoring goals.

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1 Reviews about Promoting healthy lifestyles among citizens
on 22/10/2015
The general public doesn't take the time to do their own research, they're following waves of what is popular, listening to the conversations that other people are having to educate themselves. Therefore, we MUST start educating, so that everyone starts to think for themselves about health

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