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Products made with Organic guarantee

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Products made with Organic guarantee

By definition, the organic agriculture and livestock prohibits the use of agrochemicals as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other products of chemical synthesis and release of genetically modified organisms.

This principle, coupled with the maintenance of natural cycles of production and use of protective practices and respect the environment, makes the result of a food that is superior in organoleptic quality, which is perceived in areas such as taste, texture or smell, and nutritional elements.

Speaking of organic food, we should not consider only fresh foods. The biological offer is very broad and there are numerous products that are characterized by using only ingredients that come from organic agriculture.

These products are also certified by the agencies that control the biological production and are characterized as in its development process are not permitted the use of additives, flavorings, preservatives or unnatural products. The consumer has to bear in mind that while the conventional food industry is allowed about 3,000 additives, in the organic industry are permitted only about 36.

Variety of organic products is as wide as conventional supply. This way you can find on the market preserves, jams, cakes, breads, dressings, meat, sausages, and so on, that are characterized by a development process in which no chemicals were involved, resulting in an authentic and unique taste and health benefits.

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1 Reviews about Products made with Organic guarantee
on 09/10/2014
Good article, but it just barely touched, I feel, on the heart of the matter. It was quite short, but did do a good job highlighting some of the chemicals and additives in foods that we're trying to avoid when we buy organic. Still...growing your own food, and eating fresh, are the only true ways to avoid getting a bunch of extra additives.

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