Prize Organic Food and Biodiversity for the cooperative Almocafre Auszeichnung Bio-Lebensmittel und biologischen Vielfalt Premio alimentación ecológica y biodiversidad para la cooperativa Almocafre


Prize Organic Food and Biodiversity for the cooperative Almocafre

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Prize Organic Food and Biodiversity for the cooperative Almocafre

The Cordoba’s cooperative of Organic Consumers Almocafre has received the 2007 biodiversity and organic food award, an award from the Ministry of Environment recognizing its efforts to promote such products.

The cooperative awarded has twelve years of experience in the consumption of organic products, has more than 200 partners and aims to "stimulate the consumption from an environmental initiative by social economy which seeks to protect the environment from responsible consumption".

In this regard, the Environment Minister, Cristina Narbona, has highlighted the government's aim to reconcile the protection of biodiversity while promoting the activities in the countryside. In her view, "we cannot conserve biodiversity if we do not get that there is economic activity, welfare, job creation or suitable in the countryside."

Narbona stressed the particularly important humanity is living, to have "a great capacity to adequately diagnose the environmental challenges", which "is already extended to respond". Highlighted the great interplay between climate change and biodiversity, which supports the first and second loss at the same time, this loss contributes to the process of climate change.

The Ministry of Environment, together with the Biodiversity Foundation is working to understand the importance of halting biodiversity loss in terms of social and economic challenge, he said. He recalled that the Ministers of Environment of the European Union pledged this weekend to have a study on biodiversity, similar to the famous "Stern Report" on climate change, to contemplate it as a process that can and must stop, in economic terms too.

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1 Reviews about Prize Organic Food and Biodiversity for the cooperative Almocafre
on 01/10/2015
It's so wonderful that Spain is taking such great and obvious efforts to promote organic agriculture throughout the entire country. It's these types of efforts that really make a difference in both the farmer and the consumer to choose organics, which is clearly the best choice to make.

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