Prevent baldness or hair loss with juices and these tips Kahlheit und Haarausfall verhindern mit Säften und unfehlbaren Tipps Calvicie y caída del cabello: remedios, jugos y tips infalibles

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Prevent baldness or hair loss with juices and these tips

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Prevent baldness or hair loss with juices and these tips

Currently there are a large number of persons who have hair loss or baldness problems due to the great challenges and competition that women and men face, causing stress, pressure, overactive mental or physical activity, as well as the acceleration of the world in which we live, often leads to eating "too fast" or in inappropriate way (malnutrition), all this is some of the major causes of hair lost, vitality and strength.

If you want a strong hair and prevent hair loss, you need to consider, in addition to lowering the stress in your life (common cause of hair loss), your bloodstream and your diet.

Circulation and strong hair

Circulation is an important factor because if your blood does not circulate properly even if you eat very well, the nutrients don’t get absorbed by your head and your hair doesn’t nourish. Remember that the blood has to make a major effort to reach the top of your body as it has to overcome gravity. If your veins are not strong and you don’t stimulate circulation throughout your body with exercise, then the hair will be the first to resent it.

So you should not stop exercising every day, a half-hour routine activity that you like and where your heart hastens a little energy is a tonic for your body and movement.

In addition, try to promote circulation to your head giving a gentle massage in your scalp with head bowed and with the tips of your fingers, gently massage is to certainly calm down the stress in your head and help your hair "eats" what it needs to stay strong.

Nutrition to prevent hair loss

On the other hand, it is necessary to include enough nutrients in your diet as your hair is not an essential part to stay alive, so nutrients are absorbed first by important and essential organs leaving hair, skin and nails for the last, that is why in these parts you can see if someone eats properly or not.

So to keep your hair healthy and strong, nothing better than to take a fresh vegetable juice daily, which is a real elixir for hair because they are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, etc., and help your hair look with excellent health.

The  most nutritious and revitalizing vegetables for hair are:

Cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, peppers, green chile, ginger, cactus, aloe, spinach, parsley and onion.

Potent anti-baldness Juice 


  • Medium cucumber, peeled and without seeds
  • Half a glass of fresh carrot juice
  • A piece of cactus or two tablespoons of aloe vera juice


  1. Mix everything in a blender and drink without strain, sipping slowly. Drink this juice with your meal.

Juice to strengthen hair


  • A glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice
  • A handful of fresh alfalfa
  • A teaspoon of chia
  • A sprig of parsley


Blend all and drink without strain. Avoid mixing these juices with fruit because the fruit sugar hinders the proper absorption of nutrients from vegetables. You can take Fruit juice apart and don’t combine with food.

Make your own combinations of vegetables. It is important to choose fresh and seasonal vegetables, and often include them in food either in juice or salad. Raw onion is excellent to mineralize the body and revitalize hair. Include it in salads.

The Best fruits for hair are: Orange, cranberry, goji berries, lemon, plum.

The best foods for hair are: Nuts and almonds, avocado, yeast, seaweed, soy products, extra virgin olive oil, olives, chia (contains all the omegas), fish, milk and cereal grains.

Other basic tips:

  • If you feel stressed, breathe deeply and concentrate on relaxing your scalp, you'll see how it works. This is very important, because if you keep the tension in your head, the follicle is choked with blood, causing hair loss.
  • If you have problems with anxiety, nervousness, stress, etc., Make herbal teas to relax. Passionflower, chamomile, anise, mint, lime and azhar are great teas to stay relaxed.
  • Another secret to stop and prevent baldness is stand on your head every day. If you do not know how to do it, you can start practicing. Headstands strengthen hair roots and supplies with blood your head, which is an elixir for your hair.
  • Avoid refined flour products because they demineralize and fatten your body, causing malnutrition. Likewise, avoid white sugar as it does not add anything nourishing to your body and only irritates your nervous system, causing unnecessary stress and tension.
  • Sleep the necessary hours and avoid unnecessary anxiety.
  • Do not overdo while drinking or smoking.

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3 Reviews about Prevent baldness or hair loss with juices and these tips
on 13/09/2014
Great article! I too have heard that improving circulation to the scalp helps prevent hair loss. Hair loss does run in my family, however, my grandma is nearly bald, and my mother is following down the same path. Is there anything you can really do if this runs in the family and is passed down genetically?

on 11/09/2014
I've heard that taking a shower with really hot water leads to hair loss, could that be true? The theory behind this is that the heat opens up your pores, and therefore the hair follicles, which makes it easier for your hair to fall out. Thanks for the recommendations though, The juices sound really good. I actually have a cucumber in the fridge right now that needs using....
on 17/12/2012
Hello good morning, nice article those tips are awesome I didn?t know that making headstands you can improve you hair?s health. But actually I haven?t practice them since I was on high school and now that I?m having troubles with hair loss, it seem difficult to me to do this kind of exercise, I?m 35 now!

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