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Powerful Thinking and Healing

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Powerful Thinking and Healing

One of the statements most often heard lately in the world of alternative medicine is "Keep your mind with positive thoughts." In the health area, this seems to be a critical piece, because if the mind influences our reality, then undoubtedly affects our body, as this is the reality closer than we have.

When you suffer a medical condition, the mind can be the key to making major changes, including the miracles. The problem? That, as we do not understand what it is and how to work with this extraordinary creative tool, we discard the value of its powerful aid. We also often think that God is who performs miracles, and believe that our mind and God are separated. But the mind is an instrument that nature or God has given us not just keep it, but so that we benefit from this wonderful gift.

The mind operates under the principles and divine laws, so often all you need is understanding and learning.

Mind and Thoughts

Our mind is a very powerful creative tool, but it is a double-edged sword, because with it we can create the best or the worst skies in a morning.

There is no doubt that most people strive to maintain a harmonious attitude to the circumstances, however, not always positive thinking works, sometimes it goes on "equal". You do only a few minutes of meditation a day to be harmonious, but to be honest things do not improve at all, seems to stagnate, even many times worse.

What exactly is positive thinking?

The mind is equivalent to thoughts. The way as you think is the way your mind is. To know your mind, you should be very aware of everything you think all the time. And sometimes this is impossible, because many thoughts are circulating in your head constantly, and many speeds, some go so fast that barely grasp.

So to know your thoughts, you can then choose to see the results generated by your thoughts, that is, every time you see your life, think about your mind thinking.

The disease is not something that is free from the way you think. The body reveals every thought and is evident in many ways, your body is a cellulose sponge that absorbs the energy of your mind for later demonstrate it. A healthy body is not only the result of the quality, cleanliness and harmony of food, but the quality, cleanliness and harmony of thought.

So many times, simply thinking or saying positively things doesn’t work, because we interpret to raise thinking about thinking things like "I will remove" or "to be improved”, but otherwise we are not taking into account the message of body, i.e. we are not aware that behind the pain, discomfort, irritation or other symptoms, there is an energy that feeds back, that is, a way of thinking.

Positive thinking to cure not only means "want to be good", but be aware of how we are thinking about life, and release thoughts that create harmony. Seeing how we're reacting to all our issues, from economics to relationships, creativity, work, etc.., is a way to understand mental energy.

Many times we do not notice that our first responders are faced with something of resistance, control, aggression, resistance, rejection, etc. And these ways of reacting are linked to our way of seeing and thinking. The emotions that are generated from this perception, feed our bodies and our lives.

Achieving a strong positive approach, is also to visualize how healthy and harmonious is, to find and intend to release those forms of thinking that limit us and make feel tied down, desperate, locked up and behind. If we try to think positive and we insist on wanting to continue to maintain thoughts that limit us, it would be like trying to plant a beautiful flower in a field full of garbage or useless junk that no longer fits all. We need to clean the ground for us to see new things flourish.

So if you want to heal any ailment, you can start to be very conscious of the way how are you seeing life, how you interpret it, and you judge it and judge yourself. Your way of thinking may be creating a lot of inner tension but you don’t know it, and this tension will ultimately weakening and undermining the body's ability to regenerate, rebalance and self-curing.

Every time you feel pain, irritation or unpleasant symptom, say: "That thought is generating this condition" And if you cannot detect it, with the mere intention to dissolve the thought or belief, enough. You can say something like "dissolve the pattern that generates this condition. Now I choose to release a new way of thinking and seeing life, and I feel like a new energy flowing through my body, and absorbed with pleasure.”

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4 Reviews about Powerful Thinking and Healing
on 06/12/2014
Isn't it incredible the power that our minds have over our bodies? I really do think this represents perfectly the universal union between spiritual energy and physical manifestation (matter) thereof. Perhaps some day we will learn to truly master both of these elements, by coming to a deep understanding of what exactly emotions and energy are.
on 07/07/2014
I think this is true too, there is a law over the universe, and everything is ruled by it, everything even ourselves, and our minds, so that's why I think that positive thinkin is capable of anything
on 01/04/2013
I found very interesting all the things you explain here, mostly because it?s true, I mean, almost every little thing that happens in our life comes for a reason and that reason is the energy and messages of your mind, which attract good of bad things depending just in you! Having a positive mind can improve the things you do in your life like working or sharing with your family, you just have to try!
on 20/08/2011
I think this is true that you are saying

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