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Portuguese Cuisine

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Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine is one of the most appreciated surprises by tourists.

With a vast coastline, the sea also distinguishes us in our restaurants, where fish and shellfish are the main attractions.

We offer a kitchen with a sea flavor, try to recognize the quality of seafood or grilled fish on a freshly caught. While cod is one of the highlights of our cuisine. Cooked dry, due to the time it took to get to our table since was caught in far-flung places, it also brings Atlantic tastes to our kitchen. To end your meal, you cannot miss the delicious sweets of a convent.

We also have exceptional quality wines to accompany. Even if Porto and Madeira are world-class table wines, now are one of Portugal’s best kept secrets. Bring your stay with us and finish with one or two of cream cakes, a true delicacy.


Meet wines of Portugal through routes in Portugal while you can make wonderful hiking and perfected a pleasure to know ...

Gastronomical places

In Portugal, we cultivate the pleasure of good food that we like to share with family and friends.

Portuguese Cuisine

Portugal has a cuisine as rich and varied as its landscape and heritage.

Alentejo: Wine Region Route, great skill to produce wines of high quality, with excellent nectar. Let yourself be at the pleasures of living in a region rich in customs, good food and excellent wines.

The best of the region of Lisbon, the attractions of the region of Lisbon is the perfect choice for small pleasures to recover and feel good about yourself.

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1 Reviews about Portuguese Cuisine
on 01/10/2015
I have never been to Portugal, but I soooo WANT TO go! and reading this article has kind of re kindled this burning desire I have to visit Spain and portugal. Could you give us a few more descriptions about what their culinary arts are like, and any good places to go eat?

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