Pollen and its action against prostatitis Pollen und Wirkung auf Prostatitis El polen y su acción a favor de la prostatitis

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Pollen and its action against prostatitis

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Pollen and its action against prostatitis

Pollen is not only recognized for its properties fighting anemia, helping liver tonic or increasing appetite, but it is also a powerful ally in the prostate health, according to medical studies in Germany.

That’s good news for men, because now, one of three men suffers from inflammation of the prostate, also called prostatitis, a condition that usually presents with severe pain in the genital area and surrounding areas.

Heals and prevents

Natural medicine recommends this product from flower, a wonderful resource for healing, especially when inflammation of the prostate begins. In this phase very gratifying results have been reported, where the patient improves dramatically, gets better and doesn’t present inflammations anymore, taking pollen daily as prevention.

This research was performed by urologists Alken and Jonson in 172 men with prostatitis. Some were given pollen for a considerable time. Most who showed relief and continued using it showed no relapses. This was that prostatitis can be treated with frequent doses of pollen.

Multiple vitamins and Pollen

This food has the consistency of pollen finely extracted from flowers, between its components are vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, also has minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and lecithin, potassium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorous, enzymes, and carotene.

Confirming the magnificent powers of pollen for prostate, in recent years, Dr. Ask-Upmark, treated 12 men with prostatitis. Everyone took a dose of five tablets daily as first food in the morning. Cernelle pollen was consumed, obtained from plants cultivated by man with particularly good pollen harvested by a giant vacuum cleaner. Of the 12, only two were not successful, whilst the other 10 improved substantially.

Be careful

If you have pain in the genital area, it is best to consult a specialist, because if you don’t attack soon prostatitis, it can become chronic and cause you other symptoms like fever, retention of urine, painful urination and even submit yellowish white secretions on the urethra. Don’t think it stops here, often happens that the disease can progress and decrease in pain intensity.

Other properties

Pollen in turn is used today to combat other diseases in the body such as anemia, because it increases the hemoglobin level and the number of red cells in the blood.

Improves skin, promotes healing, and accelerates tissue repair.

In turn, regulates the functioning of the liver.

Stimulates appetite, fights fatigue, slows hair loss, there are cases where its consumption has improved sexual potency. It is advisable also for depression, eyestrain and rheumatism.

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2 Reviews about Pollen and its action against prostatitis
on 30/01/2015
Wow! I had no idea that pollen could work taht way. The one thing I'm thinking, however, is that it must be pretty hard to collect pollen in fairly substantial amounts though, no? Not only that, but with bees being "endangered" the way they are, is it not unwise to take pollen for these purposes?

on 16/11/2012
Pollen is easy to buy on any street market and I recommend it too. It helped me with my allergies can you believe it? It really worked for me. And it?s a good source of vitamins that are very important to our body.

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