Pole Dance, develop your curves and muscles Pole Dance, entwickeln Sie Ihre Kurven und Muskeln Pole Dance, desarrolla tus curvas y músculos

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Pole Dance, develop your curves and muscles

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Pole Dance, develop your curves and muscles

Several famous women have this kind of dance in their workout routines. Since its benefits are many, it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

The pole dance is a very comprehensive training, as dancing is sexy. As exercise, it is great for toning muscles and stay in shape. Its benefits are many, but it requires skill and physical strength. If you want to learn, you should look for a qualified instructor.

If the conventional activity in gyms bores you, the pole dance can be a good alternative. The exercises are simple, but you will notice an improvement in each class, even from the first class, so surely you will be rewarded with many benefits.

Unlike many exercise that has objectives as "winning a tournament", in the pole dance, there is a new movement to learn, so practicing it can be very rewarding.

Health Benefits

  • Improves figure since it is an exercise that makes you work all the muscles of the body.
  • Improves skin health.
  • It helps eliminate toxins.
  • Increases cardiac capacity and pulmonary circulation, reducing coronary risk and strengthening the immune system and increasing energy.
  • Avoids fluid retention.
  • Improves venous return, preventing varicose veins and spider veins formation.
  • Helps you to lose weight because it stimulates metabolism and promotes the consumption of necessary oxygen for efficient assimilation of nutrients and the burning of excess fat.
  • It stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps relieve stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.
  • Favors the production of serotonin, a substance that promotes relaxation that helps regulate sleep.
  • The motion using gravity prevents decalcification, so this exercise prevents osteoporosis.

Complete exercise

The exercises and routines on the pole dance include various types of exercises, turns, ups, some dance steps, and sometimes work on the floor too. For what can be classified as a joint exercise that combines both strength and cardiovascular work. It’s useful for burning fat, and especially to shape your body and work your muscles.

Fun and exciting

Many Hollywood actresses and personalities reap the benefits of this exercise because they prefer it since it is entertaining and challenging. That is why many women may go to pole dancing for fitness improvement. You can combine many styles of dance, and master the movements; it becomes a challenge that will surely help to preserve the spirit class after class.

A versatile exercise

The pole dancing takes practice, but it does not mean you should practice it since you are very young to master it, it is an activity that you can start practicing in adulthood and you can have the expectations you like. Doing a move is a challenge to be achieved that helps improve your self-esteem.

Some women practice to renew sensuality. To try one of these routines is useful to feel good about yourself.


The pole dance is not free from injury, it is important to have the appropriate advice from a professional, remember that some exercises may require you hold yourself with the strength of your legs and arms and there is risk of falls. Generally, beginners can suffer from some blows especially in the legs, along with bruises, but as you gain strength, these injuries are less frequent.

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2 Reviews about Pole Dance, develop your curves and muscles
on 12/07/2014
So...this article is actually pretty funny. The title is hilarious, but yes...it's true, I think pole dancing must take an immense amount of strength, and therefore does a great job of sculpting the body. Even though you may not use it for stripping...pole dancing can still be a good way to get in exercise...
on 17/01/2013
I think it?s a good alternative to practice a different type of exercise that can make you feel good about yourself and maintain a good body shape, so I would do it with no doubt if I?d had the time! .. Anyway I really recommend it, I saw a class once and it was really interesting for all kind of women.

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