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Polaris Aurea Center

Center Polaris Aurea was born as Natural Therapy Center in order to strengthen the body, mind and soul. It works with a variety of therapies for overcoming those illnesses, or physical or psychological problems internally, which weaken the body's natural defenses, thus removing all obstacles to achieve well-being and personal growth. The way work is not limited to solving nuisance, or treat specific symptoms, all therapies are designed to improve and heal the physical body, mental, emotional and etheric and find the balance necessary for a successful interior life.

New disease, new therapies

A century ago, nobody would have foreseen the spectacular advances in modern medicine throughout the past decades. However, despite the countless medical advances, the world is still sick. New diseases, most of them face a much more psychological and emotional stress, depression or nervous and mental diseases have greatly expanded worldwide, mainly in developed countries.
Parallel to all the medical development since the beginning of the twenty-first century man has shown a great interest in natural therapies.

Why are we looking for other outlets where traditional medicine seems to possess the key to all diseases? The modern medicine responded normally to all these "modern evils": the stress that caused our current lifestyle, air pollution and water, poor quality the food we eat, pesticides and artificial substances they contain, and so on.

That is what offered by Natural Therapy: the possibility of improving on what we want is in our hands, our responsibility alone.

While we think that certain sectors such as complementary therapies, poorly defined, which helps to conventional medicine, is increasingly being seen more strongly that this is not true it is that every day. Natural and holistic therapies act at levels much deeper than it seems in humans , generating a great strength in the person, and bringing healing both physically and mentally and emotionally.

Flower Therapy Saint Germain

This is one of the most widely used therapies in Polaris Aurea. Saint Germain has been tuned by Neide Margonari , Brazilian, whose career was headed from very young to the visual arts (architecture, painting, sculpture), in which stressed coming to win several international awards for his work. This work led him during the decade of the' 80s to deep meditationHis work, especially in painting, goes this interiorization arriving later to reflect what will be the floral St. Germainhow the light and energy of the flower essences in our etheric body, mental, emotional and physical. 

Pioneer discoverer of the flower essences, the English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), and felt on the performance of certain flowers. Found in many of his writings, quotes itself on the Great White Brotherhood and on our need to access our Higher Self, the Christ. Dr. Bach had full consciousness that he had discovered a new form of therapeutic action. A therapy that expands the understanding of man himself, through the action of energy Qualities of Cosmic Christ, contained in the flower essences.

Certain flowers, which belong to the third group, classified by Dr. Bach, are higher energy that the human kingdom, acting on us, first expanding consciousness, penetrating by the centers of force, the chakras of the body. Then, through the mind, people begin to observe, create and develop their own survey of values, valuing more the ideal and the spiritual and the material no longer physical. Now see the matter, body and personality, as instruments for changing their own consciousness.

On the performance of the Divine Rays, the energy blockages in our chakras , caused by our negative emotional and mental attitudes, which cause diseases, are transmuted by the flowers divinely energized. The flower essences, with its extremely subtle energies, transmute the negative mental and emotional states, created by us. (Information obtained from: Margonari, Neide. Florales Saint Germain. Twelve Divine Ray. Florales Saint Germain Ed. 2000)


Saint Germain act on the negative statements in the bodies: emotional, mental and etheric . And the crystallization on the physical postures of negative mental and emotional.

Those who wish to change the negative to the positive, they get the flower essences, with their divine mission to expand consciousness and free of old negative patterns and pointless, destructive mental and emotional patterns. The flowers are bringing the energy and understanding of the transformation to the full realization of the deeper purpose: the beginning of the birth of a new being, a being more free, more mature and responsible in front of himself in front of others in front of the front of the animal kingdom and plant kingdom.

The effects of flowers are immediate. In the early days the person is more serene, and as the days pass, ailments stop, "getting" the real reasons for disease, for once found, to their understanding, comprehension and evolution.

Other Therapies in Center

  • Naturopathy - Homeopathy Traditional medicine
  • Bach Flower
  • Reiki
  • Rebirthing
  • Regressions
  • Kinesiology


  • Chiromassage 
  • Osteopathy
  • Reflexology Metamorphic
  • Ayurveda
  • MLD 
  • Shiatsu

The Center is directed by Sara Fernández Soler, and is located at Av Mayor's Post 9 Móstoles, Local 2A, 28932 Móstoles, Madrid .

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1 Reviews about Polaris Aurea Center
on 25/06/2015
I love centers like these, and I think the United States needs to be equipped with many more of them. Healing centers that focus on wholistic healing...that's what the world needs to make this world a better place. Thanks for the info!

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