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Common Purslane as a Nourishing Plant

Recipes with vegetables

100 grams of purslane contain just 20 calories along with vitamin A (up to 26% of our daily requirement of it), vitamin C (35% of our daily requirement), which keeps the immune system healthy. Two ot...

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Hypericum: The good mood plant


Also known as St. John's, Hypericum is considered a useful plant for the treatment of depression, however, the use of this plant as an antidepressant has also generated controversy because of its inte...

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The Cactus and its Beauty secrets

Natural Cosmetics

It is a plant that grows in arid and cold climate, but no less nutritious, in fact, the cactus is a source of fiber, usually deficient in the modern diet, and contains 17 amino acids, of which 8 are e...

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White tea and its benefits


White tea is obtained from the tenderest buds of the plant Camellia Sinensis which exhibit villi between silver and white. Among the teas, it is the one that takes less process, since is only left to ...

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