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Plan for the Promotion of Organic Production in Madrid

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Plan for the Promotion of Organic Production in Madrid

The Community of Madrid will launch the "Promotion of Organic Production” of the Community of Madrid, which has a budget of approximately 3 million, it has two main objectives: encouraging organic production in Madrid and improving their marketing. The future plan includes various measures to encourage the installation of operators in the region of organic products, for applied research, the increase of organic products, and create channels of advice, training and information to new operators and creating the possibility demand for such products on the market.

So today the Vice-Minister of Economy and Technological Innovation, Concha Guerra, announced during the opening ceremony of the XXI edition of the fair Bioculture Fair of Alternatives and responsible consumption, in which organic agriculture and livestock are the protagonists, and where the Community of Madrid acts as the host this year.

Concha Guerra noted that the boom in the region is becoming agriculture production resulting in particular from the growing consumer interest in this type of production, which in the case of Madrid is extremely varied, ranging from holds up to bakery, through the production of meat, vegetables, canned vegetables, cheese, honey, chocolate and sausages.

Companies from various sectors

Proof of this variety of products is the 18 companies from different sectors involved in the food stand that the Committee on Organic Agriculture in the Community of Madrid has Bioculture. This stand, with an area of 400m2, with a separate cooking area in which, in addition to two bars where you can taste the products of participating companies, the public may purchase any of the products offered at the booth.

In the Madrid, area cultivated for such products has increased from 217 hectares in 1996 to 5212.83 hectares in 2004. Also the number of operators (producers, processors and importers) in 2004 reached 115 (72 producers, 39 manufacturers and importers 4). The certified product has risen to between 895,900 kilograms and bulk packaging, the latter having been awarded a total of 1,203,251 numbered labels.

This positive evolution of the organic sector in Madrid, we must highlight the work of the Committee on Organic Agriculture in the Community of Madrid, which is the agency designated as Supervisory Authority for the Community of Madrid to perform the duties control, certification and promotion of organic food products and began work in September 1996, working in close collaboration with the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Source: Comunidad de Madrid

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2 Reviews about Plan for the Promotion of Organic Production in Madrid
on 19/12/2014
Lots of organic promotion seems to be going on in Spain, especially in Madrid. and I'm going to see first hand just how that reflects in the market and in teh culture this summer, because I'm travelling to France and we're planning on stopping in Spain for a few days! I've been reading up a bit, so thanks for the info!
on 06/03/2014
Now we can say that the size of the organic crops is wide and open in comparison to those days, I know this article is old but I take the opportunity to say that the growing effect has given results and now we enjoy a great space dedicated to the organic production for the wellbeing of everyone

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