Plan for Organic Agriculture Aktionsplan für ökologische Landwirtschaft Plan Integral de la Agricultura Ecológica

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Plan for Organic Agriculture

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Plan for Organic Agriculture

The area in Spain for the production of organic agriculture and livestock exceeds 800,000 hectares, a level similar to Germany, which is the second largest producer.

70% of Spanish organic production goes to exports. In Spain there are 15,693 producers and 1764processors of organic foods.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Elena Espinosa, reported last Friday to the Council of Ministers on the objectives and characteristics of the "Plan of Actions for the Promotion of Organic Agriculture", which will be presented next February.

This plan began to take shape in May 2004 when the MAPA opened a process of dialogue and consultations with all relevant authorities, associations and entities representing the sector to establish the foundations for a better development of organic agriculture.

"Plan for the Promotion of Organic Agriculture", which has prepared by the MAPA, affects all the links in these productions and has three strategic objectives: promoting the development of organic agriculture, promoting awareness and promoting consumption and marketing of organic products and improving the institutional collaboration and resource management for the sector to contribute to its shaping.

This plan will be developed between 2007 and 2010 under the powers of MAPA and in collaboration with other departments of the State's Central Administration and with the consensus and participation of the regional and sectoral representative organizations.

According to the latest available data from 2005, Spain is the ninth largest country in area devoted to organic production reaching just over 807,000 hectares. In the European context, Spain is in third place with a very similar level with Germany, which is the second largest producer.

Spanish citizens, according to studies by the MAPA, choose organic products for their healthy connotations, best flavor and quality. Those who do not consume these products claim ignorance and difficult access and higher price.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food decided to conduct an information campaign to consumers and promotion of organic agriculture, which began last November and is financed by the European Union.

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2 Reviews about Plan for Organic Agriculture
on 31/10/2015
That's really sad to me to learn that Spain exports 70% of their organic agriculture, they should save it for themselves!! But this is also a good incentive for them to continue expanding their production of organic products, which is good for humans and good for the environment.
on 03/12/2013
The people need more encouragement, not only with the help of the government but with other entities that support the environment without thinking in it twice, and the other organizations should help them to keep with the works until we finally can say that belong to a better world

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