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Pimples on arms and thighs

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Pimples on arms and thighs

Do you have pimples on your arms? Do you often feel bumps on your thighs? The arms and thighs are likely to accumulate toxins and fat and fill with rough and small bumps, removing smoothness and health of skin.

Why do pimples appear in these body areas?

The pimples on the skin happen because the skin keeps toxins or grease that is not eliminated by other means, which may occur by:

  • Dry, lack of hydration by not drinking enough pure water.
  • Eating too much junk food, fried or refined flour and sugar.
  • Not keeping the skin clean and exfoliated properly.
  • Use of strong detergents or poor quality for laundry.
  • Emotional nerves, anxiety and feelings of irritation. These emotions tighten the skin and pores, blocking and not allowing the skin to breathe, so toxins and fat accumulate until they burst into small bumps. Excessive stress also lowers the body's defenses and does not allow that the essential nutrients that nourish the skin get absorbed properly and eliminate toxins.

If you really want to eradicate them and make your skin look smoother, you must avoid:

  • Tighten or squeeze them, which damages the skin and pimples will sprout again if you do not remove the underlying cause.
  • Don’t scratch, as this irritates skin and will cause drier skin.
  • Avoid applying creams with little odor or colored, better follow the recommendations to avoid them as these creams can irritate the skin.

How to remove naturally?

  • The first thing to do is to drink at least two liters of pure water a day, you must do it for all skin problems because the skin contains 90% or more water, if it’s dry, fats and toxins accumulate. Also, consider that the skin is the first thing that becomes dry when you don’t drink enough water because the body sends it to major organs such as kidneys, intestines and liver, leaving the skin to the last.
  • A super effective remedy is to exfoliate the skin with green or pink clay, which helps keep your skin clean and remove dead cells that accumulate in these areas. Often, pimples on arms and thighs sprout because while washing our body we forget to pay attention to these areas, so dead cells accumulate.
  • To exfoliate, you need to buy clay paste, and apply before bathe twice a week. If it’s dry, soak the clay in a little water and spread on your arms and legs. You will not need expensive creams or costly treatments with pure clay, which is also very affordable; you'll see that when using it continuously, your arms will gradually get smooth. Avoid apply more than twice a week.
  • Apply 100% natural aloe or honey cream after bathing and night, and let the oils get absorbed.
  • Drink fresh vegetable juices, which are an elixir for the skin. Citrus juices in the morning, and add some chia. The best in the morning are the orange, cranberry, lemon and tangerine. By mid-morning or afternoon, drink carrot juice with fresh alfalfa and celery, this is a powerful juice to eliminate toxins and extra fat, plus it nourishes your skin from head to toe.
  • Avoid excessive stress as this stresses and blocks the pores of your skin, and prevents elimination of toxins naturally, and fat accumulates under your skin and appear in small outbreaks or pimples. If you usually irritate, try to read texts to help you approach more peaceful ways to understand, remember that confidence in yourself and in life is necessary to maintain a relaxed state, don’t to criticize and accept yourself as you are, this will help you to accept others just as they are without trying to change or expect too much from them.
  • Exercise is a great way to eliminate stress, anxiety and feelings of irritation. If you go to a gym, I recommend steam for a while for your skin to relax and absorb sufficient moisture. Always remember applying some oil or cream on your skin after bathing.
  • Include in your diet avocados, almonds and walnuts, vegetable milk (avoid cow's milk that is too greasy and toxins), honey and bakery integral. Taking olive oil extra virgin daily fasting is a great way to maintain healthy intestines, and if they are healthy, the skin will be too. When taking oil fasting, immediately drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed. Papaya and orange are great for the skin.

And finally, when you go to the beach, get into the seawater, which is one of the best options to heal all skin problems. When you get yourself into the sea, with your hand, put some sand on your legs and arms and see that they get like silk.

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2 Reviews about Pimples on arms and thighs
on 23/09/2014
Great article! I'm really glad I read it! I don't necessarily get these types of "pimples" per se on my arms and legs, but every now and then I get these teeny tine little bumps that show up on my arms, and they're kind of flaky, and you can just rub them off. I'll try some of these remedies though and see if they help!
on 29/01/2013
Pimples and bumps can be something really annoying for any woman or even man, so it?s very important to know how to treat these problems from the root with a proper diet and other specific recommendations. I really recommend the aloe cream, I use it in my skin and it looks very nice and shiny

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