Phytoestrogens and Eastern diet for mature woman Phytoöstrogene und Ernährung für reife Frauen Fitoestrógenos y dieta oriental para la mujer madura

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Phytoestrogens and Eastern diet for mature woman

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Phytoestrogens and Eastern diet for mature woman

Estrogens are female hormones, which are essential in the development of sexual characteristics and normal functioning of the female reproductive tract. However, this female hormone also plays other important work in the woman's body, strengthens the bones and preserves the health of the arteries. When estrogen production is reduced and we do not take action, can cause illnesses that result, for example, problems in the skeletal system, such as osteoporosis (decalcification of the bones) as well as arterial or cardiac problems. The climacterium, also known as menopause is the time when the woman's body, naturally, shows certain changes due to changes in the functioning of the ovaries, which show a decline in hormone production, primarily estrogen.

Hormone replacement therapy

This alternative is the administration of estrogen produced chemically, a therapy that does not always get the expected results and, by contrast, often causes side effects.

It has been found, after several scientific studies, that ingestion of synthetic hormones during a certain time (more or less five years, although it may be more or less) increases the risk of developing breast cancer or endometrial as well as causing weight gain, digestive disorders and / or circulatory system problems.

If you choose this option must take caution and go with a specialist because, although side effects do not occur in all women, it's always important to the assessment and guidance of a professional.

Eastern Diet in menopause

Undoubtedly, the nature and the food always lead the way for a solution or cure ailments, discomforts or imbalances in the body.

A careful diet is very important when a woman has certain age, it is best to follow a diet rich in fresh and natural products that provide phytoestrogens. Women from China , which consume high doses of phytoestrogens in their diet, showed, after numerous investigations, which had a late menopause or with very mild symptoms or none compared to other women in the world . Moreover, these women include phytoestrogens in their diet often and report very low levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (harmful to the health of the body), and their predisposition to the skeletal system problems such as osteoporosis is indeed reduced, as well as cases of tumors of breast, endometrial or colon.

These Asian women get phytoestrogens in fruit and vegetables as chickpeas and beans, cereal grains such as wheat and linseed, but mainly from plants such as Cimicifuga racemosa, the gingseng, the Ginko biloba and soy (tofu, milk, meat, etc.).

The action of these foods is exercised through active ingredients called isoflavones, lignans and acid lactones, which, in addition to complying with estrogenic activity, protect against germs, cancer and inflammatory potential.

Some of the properties of the food are:

Soybeans: a remarkable plant native to China. This food is made of 38% protein, contains all the essential amino acids needed by humans for protein synthesis. It is a plant rich in vitamins, especially B complex and vitamin B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) and folic acid. It is high in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and phosphorus and has antioxidant properties, i.e., preventing cell degeneration or deterioration caused by aging. This food plays an important role to mineralize the body, especially to strengthen the bones. It is wise to consume 40 milligrams of soy daily.

Ginseng: This tree has its root in the best qualities which, it has been proved scientifically, improving utilization of oxygen in the body and, therefore, brain function. This root strengthens the immune system, and protects and prevents the deterioration of bones and teeth. It is ideal to help the walls of the veins of the legs are strengthened and have greater flexibility, thereby avoiding the varicose veins. Ginseng can be found in most naturist stores.

Tofu: The tofu is derived from soybeans, is, for some vegetarians, the ideal substitute for cheese. It has the same properties of soy, but it is also very good at kitchen to cook many dishes. The cheese helps clean arteries and prevents decalcification of the bones.

Ginkgo biloba: this shrub, whose leaves are extracted an oil, helps to effectively distribute oxygen through the bloodstream. It has been shown to improve memory and even inadequate brain disorder that is characterized by general lack of vitality and mental stability in people over 60. You can find it in stores as natural dietary supplements.

Cimicifuga racemosa: Its stem has medicinal properties, contains isoflavons glycosides triterpenic and whose action effectively interacts with estrogen receptors. It has been found that some of the stem reduces the sensations of menopause, such as headaches, irritability and hot flashes, as well as states of depression or nervous disturbance.

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2 Reviews about Phytoestrogens and Eastern diet for mature woman
on 02/07/2015
I love the delicate wording you have chosen "mature women". But yes, this is great information. I think the biggest thing to think of as one grows older is to just keep moving and eat fresh foods. If you never let yourself get stiff, you can avoid the vast majority of aging problems.
on 29/08/2013
The most import thing is to take care of the self and find ways of relaxing the body, and as well thinking that all the changes are good at the end and this is not something that is going to end your life in none aspect, but to start a new way of life, and this is a perfect moment to change the dietary habits too

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