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Physical re-education: heal your body and mind

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Physical re-education: heal your body and mind

To maintain a balance, our body is composed of a complex system of involuntary muscle chains that are working to make the necessary trade-offs between weight and body movement, so it does not miss this harmony and balance. When these muscle chains do not function properly, then the body can be affected by a malfunction.

The body re-education is the method by which, through various postures and toning exercises, you reschedule the way the body works, schedules or habits.

To re-educate the body, you require respecting the following principles:

Principle of individuality: this principle tells us how special and unique each person is, there are no two identical human beings, even if twins are identical they havee differences in the time of birth or behavior. So there cannot be two identical forms of treating a problem.

Principle of causality: when a problem occurs, we most commonly attack the symptom and not the cause that generates it. This principle tells us that the solution to a conflict or problem either biological or conduct is to find the cause through the tracks that gives the symptom. By finding the cause and work on it, the symptoms simply disappear without our having to battle with them.

Principle of wholeness: refers to when considering any ailment or problem, you have to consider the individual in all  aspects, not only consider the physical aspect but the mental, emotional and even spiritual. This principle considers that all these forces converge living, physical force and cannot operate in isolation from emotional, mental or spiritual, etc.

Contemplating all this might help to uncover the cause and solution of the problem.

How does it help in health?

The body re-education technique help to enhance physical performance and mood of the individual, helping to restore the natural balance and harmony, and serving as an alternative for your body, mind and emotions to recover lost tension, release the pressure that builds up in certain points and cause you to lose the balance necessary for health.

It is especially suitable and effective for:

  • People of any age who want a new way to regain health and energy.
  • For those with body aches.
  • For people who want to release tension, stress and restore harmony in your body.

The benefits of this method are:

  • Relieves stress and pressure accumulated in the back and neck.
  • Improves mobility and muscle and joint flexibility.
  • A method to recover the natural intelligence of our body.
  • It helps to have a better balance and good body alignment
  • It helps immensely to reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, stress, hyperactivity, etc., As it helps to drive the energy in a positive way.
  • Is a natural method that not only relieves the symptoms but awakens the body's self-healing power.
  • It is very effective in improving muscle tone
  • Allows you to prevent and rehabilitate injuries sustained in the musculoskeletal system.

How is it done?

In the first consultation, doctor evaluates the general conditions of the person and skeletal muscle dysfunction and its dynamics of movement. Sometimes this will be gradually addressed, especially when patients are fearful or shy. The sessions consist of a body massage which will uninstall habits that obstruct the free flow of movement, which cause the accumulation of stored tensions in certain parts of the body. Massage can have different rhythms, sometimes you have to work very slowly and gradually. It should be mentioned that any external force applied to a body surface will, therefore, a self-correcting internal reaction, which will affect our entire body intervention interconnected and multisystemic.

In short, this massage works through various stimuli on the skin surface (either elevation, strokes, and drag the connective tissue), which sends new information to the brain, causing changes in the cortex and the vestibular nuclei. The response to these stimuli requires some time for all systems can interact together and reaffirm, reorganize and restructure the role of the Central Nervous System, which corrects and awaken the body's self-healing power, by updating information.

Sotai Massage and its similarity to the body re-education

This Japanese massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese, in combination with knowledge and experience of Western medicine for functional recovery of skeletal muscle structures. The aim of this massage is almost the same as the physical rehabilitation technique.

A little history...

This technique was developed 12 years ago; it is based on studies of important doctors and physiotherapists like George J. Goodheart (1964) and Philippe Souche, in (1980). This healing technique has been improved with the expertise of professionals in the field of physiotherapy, osteopathy, medicine and wellness.

This method, also known as skeletal muscle re-education technique, is the result of therapeutic practice and was first introduced by the author in September 2001 in the International Exhibition held in Madrid.

It is now an alternative that is widely known and used by many people who understand a new way to heal.

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2 Reviews about Physical re-education: heal your body and mind
on 05/09/2014
What a great article, and yes, I so completely agree. It is so possible to heal our bodies through healing our minds as well. The two are so interconnected and I feel so strongly that we have so much more power than we really use. Any suggestions on good books to read about it?
on 25/03/2013
It?s nice to find something like this right now that I?m having pains in my back and other parts of the body and I think that is because the excess job and stress? my doctor recommended me some pills but I?m not sure about taking them, so I?m searching about more therapies and this one seems pretty interesting, I hope to find someone professional in the topic

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