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Physical activity in old age

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Physical activity in old age

Undoubtedly, the practice of daily exercise is one of the goals of disease prevention and health promotion for this new millennium. The idea is to promote physical activity at all ages, especially seniors, to increase and the proportion of adults engaged in regular physical exercise. It is clear that sport, at least 30 minutes daily, preferably all days, decreases the sedentary population.

Today is very important to promote and facilitate increased physical activity in older adults. Currently we have a number of barriers that hinder the development of exercise programs for seniors and one of them is the lack of information about physical activity and aging in our society.

But what sports activities are recommended for the elderly?

Any exercise should be tailored to the characteristics of the subjects to be targeted, and the third age is no exception. But does not require special treatment, it needs special treatment, according to their needs and capabilities.

Joint mobility and muscle stretching

A level is not intended to increase joint flexibility, but a good exercise for the joints and maintain a natural level of amplitude of movement. A level should be more muscular analysis.

Strengthen muscles

The aim of our work should not be developing a work force but also the general strength-endurance.


It is important to work with the body for the construction of a body schema to be used but also very diverse material that offers many possibilities and new experiences.

Correct posture

Involves education and awareness of posture. The work should focus primarily on the spine, shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle. Relates to the soft gym, relaxation, balance.

Breathing and relaxation

The ideal is to increase the breathing capacity, improve blood oxygenation and physical and mental relaxation. Every senior should control their own pace. In addition to releasing stress, decrease muscle tension, also serve to help the body's own knowledge.


While it is one of the most popular sports, can lead to a certain monotony, and thus may be a little boring, but has the advantage that it can be done anywhere and even any clothes, if do not disturb the performance of movements.

The aim of the exercise is a general fitness. Working with global movements of large muscle groups. Within this group includes the march, the movements, the gentle race, gym maintenance, soft gymnastics, yoga, gymnastics and work with equipment and appliances.


The walk is suitable and adaptable of all exercises when it is running so well targeted, since it gives the person increased sense of security, improves balance, reduces the apprehension, increases speed of movement, freedom of driving and increases the diminishes the sensation of fatigue.

We are talking about a rhythmic activity that determines a minimum stress to the heart and locomotion, while distracting the mind. We now know that an exercise as smooth as a ride, but not so markedly alter the cardiovascular capacity of those in practice, it protects against ischemic heart disease and helps people lose weight.

You can walk at any age, and facilities and materials are not necessary. Do it for an hour a day, with a motion somewhat faster than usual.

It is desirable to choose regular ground floor flat, to avoid the danger of falling, and little traffic. It is important that the clothes are comfortable to use, enhancing the breathability. Footwear should be comfortable, flexible and not press.

We should try to be accompanied, from time to time and plan new goals for a walk every day faster and longer.

In the event that the physical condition permits, a good cardio-respiratory system is to switch the race to walk with gentle trot, the benefits are similar to the walk but the effort to be higher, the time required to achieve the same profits is much lower.


It is one of the most effective means to improve and maintain cardiorespiratory capacity and simultaneously throughout the neuro-muscular system as it requires constant adjustments to adapt all movements to constantly changing situations in an environment that is not normal. Helps prevent many problems and improves posture to relieve the skeleton of the action of your weight (in water, body weight is reduced more than one-sixth and support is never traumatic), enhances the amplitude of movement and is a good for relaxing muscles, especially for the back.

It is especially useful in obese people with osteoarthritis (subject to swim in warm water).

There is no objection to people using float if it gives them greater security and puts them in better contact with the aquatic environment.

Do not forget your goal, we can help develop different qualities in a more spontaneous and less self-directed. You can work on communication skills, attention, concentration, memory, speed reaction segmental etc.


The pedal is very inexpensive, speaking energetically, it can be much longer than any other activity
Besides the benefits circulation keep the tone arm, column, and of course legs. However it must be remembered that although it is very well tolerated at the end of each session will be drilled in the elasticity.
Pedaling on exercise bikes replace bicycling perfectly so there should be no hesitation in using it in those with space limitations on the movement (difficulty walking, dizziness, body misalignment, etc.).

NOTE: Before starting, always consult your physician.

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3 Reviews about Physical activity in old age
on 08/08/2014
I love seeing old people out there exercising and havinga great time! I was at a duathlon last year that also hosted a marathon and half marathon at the same race, and they made an announcement about a participant, 89 years old, who was running his 50th marathon. I saw him cross the finish line (and I think he was running the half), and he was just trotting right along. Pretty inspiring to be able to run longer than most young bucks when you're 89 years old!!
on 04/05/2014
there is still too much to do when you are old, you can enjoy being healthy as well, just like you did when you were younger, and of course you have take it as an advantage to do something with the people you care for like your family and friends
on 07/07/2013
Exercise is little bit difficult when the years goes by and then is when you realize that you would had done exercise since you were young, so better prevent before you get to this age stage, anyway if you did not, is never too late to try again and restore the health at least for a couple of years more

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