Phosphene mixture: Natural development of memory, intelligence and creativity Phosphene Mischung: natürliche Entwicklung der Erinnerung und Intelligenz Mezcla fosfénica: desarrollo natural de la memoria, inteligencia y creatividad

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Phosphene mixture: Natural development of memory, intelligence and creativity

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Phosphene mixture: Natural development of memory, intelligence and creativity

The technique of phosphene mixture is a method based on deep studies and of the extraordinary discovery Doctor Lefebure, the doctor who examined in detail dynamic action of light on all the brain functions. In 1959, this Parisian doctor, who gave his service in the area of school health, found that phosphene, i.e. patches of bright colors that remain in the dark for a few seconds after having set sight on one source light, could be mixed with the thought, turning light energy into mental energy.

Thus did several tests, which focus on a light source and then to remain in deep darkness and see the sparks of light in their eyes focused on one thought at that time. After several observations, discovered that this technique allowed phosphene restore the balance between the right and left hemisphere, and thus increase the capacity brain among which the creativity, memory and intelligence.

Memory and intelligence

This technique, which turns out to be a very interesting proposal for the exercise of mental faculties by way nature, causes the development of memory, intelligence, attention develops, promotes creativity and sharpens intuition.

This method is especially suited for all forms of education, especially will benefit those people, and even young children with learning difficulties, memory problems, attention problems, stuttering, dyslexia, school delays, among many others.

At present, as many educators and physical education teachers who have noticed the beneficial influence of the phosphene in the resistance nerve in the endurance and development of both fine and coarse motor skills, as well as in movements of coordination, which after practicing this method of stimulation by the mixture of phosphene and thinking, are made with more skill and agility in a more spontaneous and harmonic way.

Phosphene method, besides being a method that allows one to move and work more effective coordination, it is primarily an alternative that truly help the expansion and development of brain capacity between which found that:

  • Increase confidence in the person
  • Encourage and develop their creativity
  • Restores and balances the mood
  • Strengthens memory
  • Rejuvenates and maintains youth and fresh brain functions.
  • Helps generate a greater ability of logic, calculation, reasoning and mental order
  • Increase and develop skills
  • Strengthens personality and character
  • It helps prevent insomnia and bad dreams
  • Develops magnetic force
  • Enables a higher consciousness
  • Debugs thought.
  • Stimulates spirituality

Doctor Francis Lefebure

Dr. Francis Lefebure was born in Paris on September 17th, 1916. Since the early age of thirteen years, he studies ways to develop personal and treated in yoga also spiritual science of his time. At the same time, received his classics for his age in school. When I was 15 years, this brilliant young man had passionately studied all the work of philosopher Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy. However, when he began to get into this whole studies and discoveries of the phosphene, completely departed from this trend.

At age 18 began his studies in medicine, with its main interests in the areas of anatomy, histology, physiology and medical physics. A little later, it was for the Hospitals of Paris, where he always preferred to give his service in the area of child psychiatry and neurology.

In the year 1934, he met who was to be an important guide and teacher in your life: Galip Arthème. This teacher had spent time in a Zoroastrian temple, and had the power to communicate visions of laying on of hands.

Discovery of phosphene method

In 1959, the Indonesian magician Pak Subuh also found a very important and decisive influence, who compared the exercises to practice with his first teacher. How at that time could not use the EEG, had the idea of looking for the action of these variants of the same period a phosphene. It was then discovered the first phosphene phenomenon which until then had never been made known: the drag the phosphene with the movement of the head in two seconds, your download for rapid head movement or, at least grade slow.

In 1963, study in detail the thoughts mixed with phosphene, this being the origin of the "Mixed phosphene.

In November 1975, the World Inventors Hall of Brussels awarded the Silver Medal to Dr. Lefebure, for discovering the method of "phosphene mixture in pedagogy." This method has proven to be a very short time a remarkable alternative and its ease of application is really something to be viewed by all ages.

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3 Reviews about Phosphene mixture: Natural development of memory, intelligence and creativity
on 30/08/2015
This was a great article, and well written ,but I'm still pretty hesitant about trying supplements, especially for things that involve the brain. If you have any more information regarding studies that have proven it safe and effective, I would love to read them!
on 30/06/2014
wow all the benefits of phosphorus without having to eat sardine, that's amazing, since I don't like that ingredient, so it would be amazing to have this in my house
on 06/10/2013
This article sounds pretty interesting, I have a friend and her son has problems with learning and things like that so I am going to recommend her this therapy, maybe this is the solution that she was hoping for, and his son will be very grateful later

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