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Dating and Love


How to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend that fits perfect with you. Dating and love. Tricks and tips for flirting and find the love of your life.

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Peter Pan Syndrome: Men who behave like kids

Peter Pan is a fictional character from the novel by M. Barrie, who plays a boy who lives in the land of Neverland and refuses to grow up, turning time infinite.

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Love Triangle: Stop being the third party

Perhaps the number 3 is good for movie dialogue, however, when it comes to real life, it is not recommended. While not a definitive rule, most love triangles are formed by 2 women and a man, and as wh...

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My partner does not understand me: how to communicate clearly

How many times have we tried to talk to our partner and we ended up arguing or fighting because we feel that she/he does not understand and hear us or has unclear arguments?

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Love and pain: try a cure for your heart

Do you suffer from love? Does it hurt that is not by your side? Do not you know what to do to make her/him notice you? Then you need a cure for your heart. If love is a wonderful thing ... why it hurt...

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 12 articles) 1 
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